MacBook Pro 16 4K HDR Tested w/ Spectrum

Hey Eve Community,

I just recently finished updating Spectrum to firmware version 104 and there are some very noticeable improvements! I was previously unable to use High Dynamic Range on my MacBook Pro as it looked much worse with it enabled, but now it looks really good! I’d like to share the video of my user experience with the Spectrum with MacOS in 4K HDR. Enjoy!


So, let me get this straight.

You used an LG video for OLED to highlight the Spectrum IPS panel? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Seriously, though, not gonna lie - watching that video on a Spectrum was absolutely beautiful

And I’m running Windows 11 Insider Preview (Developer) as well, so auto-on HDR is really, really nice.

Yeah pretty funny, but seriously though I searched for the best 4K HDR videos on YouTube and I really liked that one. Yeah even though it’s supposed to be used to demo an OLED display, it’s perfect to test on any 4K HDR compatible panel and it looks absolutely stunning on Spectrum, and I hope my video can show it accurately enough to do it justice.

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Definitely agree on that - it really popped on the Spectrum here.


do you mind sharing your workflow to get your monitor updated to 104 on macOS?

Do you have a intel macbook?
Bootcamp windows and run the updater.

Not possible on M1 AFAIK

Unfortunately the updating process can only be done with a Windows machine for now. I had previously used my Eve V 2017 to update the monitor to 104. I hope soon there will be a solution to those who only have MacBooks, especially ones with M1 chips. I would try to get the cheapest Windows netbook or something. I thought of getting a Raspberry Pi, but I don’t know if the updater software would work with that OS as well as Linux. It’s a bit painful to be limited to Windows only and the updater is a little bit user unfriendly, but I’m glad we’re not stuck with what came out of the factory.

I run Parallels on my intel based Mac - I will follow the standard workflow and update I was just hoping there was a MacOS based process that I might have missed!

Hi! how did you connect to it?

using a usb c cable can get 4k 144hz and charge the macbook at the same time?

There’s another thread dedicated to getting 144Hz on MacBooks via USB-C.

In summary:

  • The Spectrum doesn’t support DSC over USB-C at the moment, which is needed to get 144Hz. This will be fixed in a future firmware update.
  • Intel-based MacBooks have some sort of issue that prevents the use of refresh rates over 60Hz, even if HDR is turned off. It should be able to get 120Hz without HDR.
  • With firmware 104, the default refresh rate is 30Hz even if you enable high refresh rate in the Spectrum’s on-screen controls. You have to enable a special advanced mode in order to select 60Hz.

You mention special advanced mode. Can you elaborate how to access that?

In the MacOS display settings, Option-click on Scaled. It should then show a checkbox labeled Show low resolution modes, which you then need to check. You should then be able to select a refresh rate.


I’ve heard that the Show low resolution modes box isn’t there on M1 Macs, but I don’t have one available to see what the difference is.

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