Macbook M1Pro UsbC 144hz has chroma subsampling

I am quite happy with the display after the 106 firmware update, but after finally having the display run @144hz on Monterey, it seems that chroma subsampling is now enabled which is quite annoying for development work where we mostly deal with code.

I am using the official Eve cable

Unfortunately the refresh rates on MacOS jump from 60Hz to 144Hz so can’t test intermediates like 100Hz or 120Hz

Did someone had any more luck?


Likely cause Eve only supports up to DisplayPort 1.4 and not 2.0, 1.4 only supports up to HBR3 which can only go up to 4K120Hz without su sampling or DSC, 2.0 is required for UHBR10 and higher which you need for 4K144hz.

I remember the team has said they will put the DSC function work through future firmware update… long long time ago…

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So basically my options are either 4k@60Hz or 4k@120Hz with 4:2:2 ?

Don’t know the details but what would be the theoretical maximum refresh rate to not have the su sampling happen?