MacBook connected with usb c battery get drained when sleeping

I have the Macbook Pro M1, connected to the monitor with USB, and powered only with the USB C, which is very convenient, but if I put the computer to sleep, the next day the battery has been drained, depending on the time up to 10, 20 or 30% overnight.
The only thing I have connected to the USB hub is a keyboard.

Hi there,

At which state did you leave the monitor in when putting the Macbook to sleep?

Just to confirm:

  • You’re plugged into the type C port on the bottom of the Spectrum, not the one on the side.
  • You’re not hitting the Spectrum’s power button to turn it off when you’ve finished using it.

Only the type C port on the bottom of the Spectrum (near the power cable) is capable of outputting enough power to keep a MacBook charged. The Spectrum will only do this when it’s turned on (even if it’s in standby), not when it’s turned off.

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All correct, exactly as you described. I’ve been disconnecting the USB C cable from the mac as a solution and or have the mac powered, so I don’t wake up with no battery.