M3 performance question k

TL:DR - the i7 I’ve ordered is gonna be faster than the M3 yeah?

Eh up. Its been a while as I’ve been on forced leave from the forums. Hopefully this isn’t a thread that’ll get me silenced but who knows haha!

I’ve had a bit of a search but other than wafer lottery has anyone figured out why that M3 performed better than expected/it should etc?


No, the final details were not yet disclosed. But it comes down to the lottery, despite of all chips throttling to 2.1 GHz when getting hot, the “magic ME” only throttled to 2.3 GHz. Based on this benefit the performance was better.
Engineers will still have a more detailed look at it once the dust settles a bit as far as I know.

So… no, it’s not a scandal. And it’s not beneficial to use an increased font size in this case. I’d be surprised if you noticed the difference during real world use to be honest.


Doesn’t this explain it?
@exialpho has a better explanation.
I fail to understand how this is a scandal…


This kind of thing really has nothing to do with Eve, but with Intel (not that you said otherwise, just making a statement). I get that Eve is new and still trying to figure a lot of things out, but Intel has been in the business for nearly 50 years. Sure, Intel makes their mistakes, but their chips almost always perform as designed.

The i7 Y is supposed to be more powerful than the i5 and m3, and for 99.5% of these processors that should be the case (provided every other variable is the same). There is still a ‘wafer lottery’, and sometimes you get lucky or you just get a dud - but as far as reliable processor performance Intel is pretty rock solid.

Also, I get that you may be a bit upset, but it’s probably not in the best taste to keep mentioning this.


Basically what exialpho’s comment say.

But to add, let’s just say that the average i7 is faster than the average m3. Of course, there will be outliers somewhere.


I highly doubt it but i read somewhere Intel sells the lesser chip quality to lesser known companies. I don’t think intel who invested would do that but just wanted to throw it in there.

We will find out soon once people have their devices anyway.

Judging by that mystery m3 Intel must really love Eve!

Seriously though, I’m not sure whether or not this is something that Intel actually does; but from what I’ve read it was one of the bigwigs in Intel that really helped Konstantinos out in the beginning, so I don’t think Intel would consider Eve one of those “lesser known companies”. This could also be the part of my brain trying to convince myself that this totally wasn’t a bad investment.

I mean, maybe the i5 and i7 could have been the lesser quality. The m3 maybe could be standard quality? Who knows. Will be interesting to see how everyone’s devices perform tho.

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It’ll turn out that EVERY m3 is much faster than the i5 and the i7, because I’ve bought one. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


If you look at benchmark:

I7 vs I5
Here I5 wins with 9% over I7

I7 vs M3
Here M3 wins with 6% over I7

I5 vs M3
Here I5 wins with 6% over M3

Of course this is just effective speed there are other benefits choosing an I7/I5 over a M3.

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Typo, looks like you meant to say i5 wins with 6% over m3 right?

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Ps those links are also to general benchmarks not eve V specific.


I’m not even sure why it’s gone in bold text but actually I think it’s appropriate, separates it from the other text which is helpful seeing as it’s a short synopsis :slight_smile:

Hopefully we don’t have formatting police on here :slight_smile:

Good to hear it’s a random thing though, be interesting to see what’s genuinely happened after some investigation

OK we all get that your not happy…

But do you have to keep on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on…


Do you not care that an i7 performs worse than a m3?

If I invested in an i7 it would feel like a fraud, cauz you paid for more Performance. Giving a full explenation here is important. IT may have been just the silicon lottery but that might not be the case.


If that question was to me, I did buy an i7 and an i5 for my wife. I tend to treat most reviews as Bulls**t as everyone has an agenda. When I get mine I will find out how good it is I don’t need anyone else’s opinion.

I have a mega games rig if I want performance I bought the Eve V because of its quietness and portability.

Which bit am I going on about?

Wonder what that agenda might be for reviewers?

Graphically: No
Processes: slightly more power

Looking at your replies and posts just about anything you can moan and whinge about, starting with the teenager like “its not fair” when they upgraded SSD sizes.

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