M3 LB - user view - with regular updates over time

Hi all, as promised here’s my (probably too) in-depth review of my experience of my m3 V

TLDR version - love it, solid 9 out of 10

In depth version:

Delivery experience was actually not too bad. Obviously there were major delays in the gestation of the V,
but the final delivery schedule for LB was only a few week’s delayed. Once the tracking number was issued, everything went very smoothly, literally 2 days and boom the V was in my hands. The packaging held up, no major dents and inside the packaging everything was undamaged. 7 out of 10

Unboxing experience was a treat. Giddy with excitement I opened everything fearing the worst (cracked screen, dead pixels, missing items) but no, I was dead happy that everything was there. The white box was a little tricky to slide out of the protective bubble sleeve, I ended up shaking it out upside down! A few specks of white dust/ fluff (from cardboard box?) on the black box, but came off easily. Nothing worth docking a point for, 10 out of 10

I considered leaving it to rest a little to get up to temp, but I thought sod it and powered it up, and indeed it had power, about 75%. Ran through the Win10 set up with no issues, even switched on the wifi and the feared updates were completed v quickly, no more than 5-10 mins and I was in!

Display is excellent, really sharp and bright with nice colours. The Calman splash screen is a little ugly but I don’t mind. Netflix is gorgeous, such deep blacks and great sharpness and contrast. Again can’t fault, 10 out of 10.

Overall look/ feel of the machine is very good. It is sleek, attractive in an industrial way and very understated, not flashy at all. If I had a few minor gripes, one is the weight which is a little heavier than expected, especially as I have to carry is around a lot. Another is the slightly sharp edges on some of the hidden surfaces (e.g. the inside of the kick stand hinge, the micro SD card slot). Finally, it’s going to be hard to keep pristine clean as grease from fingers does smudge the back and fluff gathers on the keyboard very easily. 8 out of 10.

General performance for my m3 is great. It felt snappy straight out of the box, 8gm RAM really helps (even using Chrome is good!) I did wonder if the updated drivers had been applied. Checking the display driver, it turned out they hadn’t so I went ahead and installed all the drivers from the Eve Support/ Downloads page. What then became clear was my wifi was running slow, so I installed that driver first which brought it back up to normal speed. I also felt the touchpad became sluggish after the driver updates, so I reverted this back to default in the settings which sorted that out. Since then, the touchpad has slowed down once more, but a restart solved that. Also, the Windows Defender update/ set up took ages! After a few hours I read the forum thread on this and managed to fix it (seemed to have hung). After a few days everything has settled and is running smoothly except for the V not going to sleep when I close the keyboard on the screen and put it in the sleeve. On a couple of occasions I’ve opened the sleeve to find a very warm V with its battery near drained. Turning off LPS0 hasn’t helped, hopefully a fix is coming. Overall, some tinkering required, but I’d expect that of windows frankly, 8 out of 10.

Accessories wise I didn’t order much, but I love the Mozo magnetic sleeve. Even the wife really admired it (and she’s a fashion designer!). A small downside is that the pen clip will scratch the V as you slide it in unless you turn the pen clip away from the V. All the other items in the box are nice, the charger, adaptors, USB C cable, pen. 9 out of 10.

Battery life wise I’m doing pretty well so far. I installed Batterybar and initially it was telling me 16 hours estimated life, I thought I had won the battery lottery jackpot!! A few days in, it is settling at 10 hours with fairly moderate usage, web stuff (Chrome and Edge), Netflix and some light gaming via Bluestacks Android emulator (really happy Clash of Clans works pretty well!). There was significant battery drain overnight, but turning off LPS0 has stopped that, now only loses 3% in 5 hours. However, the issue of not going to sleep in the sleeve is a bit annoying. 8 out of 10.

UPDATE 25 Jan: Batterybar saying 14hrs 53! My usage has been pretty light admittedly, but this is excellent! Nudging this score up to a 9 out of 10

Keyboard feels real nice. I come from a Surface 3 and this is much nicer, a lot more solid and more key travel. No issues with sticky keys, but the “tap” sound is a tiny bit loud, especially if typing next to a sleeping wife! The LED lighting is nice and I’ve not tried the BT function yet (doubt I will use it much).
What is a slight issue is that when you fold the keyboard back the pogo pins can get exposed, the surface doesn’t do that. On the plus side, it actually helps since it I do fold the keyboard under the open kickstand to form a triangle sometimes when watching stuff on the sofa (gives more stability). In this position, with the pogo pins in, the keyboard is actually still active(!), so if the pogo pins are out this negates that. Fluff can build up on the Alacantra like I said already, so how it will look in a few months is questionable, that said Surface keyboards don’t tend to hold up too well either! 8 out of 10

UPDATE 25 Jan: not being able to do three-key combos is a bit annoying, e.g. ctrl+end (since end requires fn+right arrow)

Pen wise I’ve not done too much with it in action yet, but from my experiments it feels pretty good and comparable to my Surface 3. The pressure sensitivity is noticeable if not extreme and palm rejection is generally good, though it did go into “crazy scrolling” mode once, which is something I’ve had on my Surface 3 too. 8 out of 10

UPDATE 25 Jan: having had more of a play with the pen, a few things became a worry as it seemed the palm rejection was a little iffy and missed strokes when charging, meaning note taking wasn’t quite as good as my old Surface 3. However, I reinstalled the latest touch drivers from Support - which I had already done previously and this fixed it. Still a few dodgy zooms but no worse than with the Surface.

Touchpad feels real nice. Maybe I’m not used to a glass touchpad, but its fantastic to feel and glides effortlessly. Some driver issues as mentioned above, best stick to the original imo. The size I don’t find too bad at all, but again I’m not coming from a machine with a large touchpad like in some ultrabooks/ macbooks. Overall, much happier than I thought, 9 out of 10 (dock a point for slight sluggishness on two occasions that I hope won’t come back!).

UPDATE 25 Jan: purely cosmetic, but the surface of the touchpad has become very shiny in the middle after just under 2 weeks. Turns out this is my greasy fingers!

Speakers are not too bad. My expectations were firmly grounded from the HEB feedback of terrible, tinny sound, but I don’t think it’s that bad at all, for a tablet/ laptop. Sure it’s prob no iPad Pro and the Eve marketing is probably a little too optimistic (isn’t all marketing like that?!) but it’s fine for casual use. Not tried the headphone jack yet, but I did use my BT earphones which sounded fine. 8 out of 10

Finally, big shout out to the eve support team who have been great in helping me get my V, respond to my emails to support generally within 1-2 days, respond to all sorts of threads on the forum which indirectly helped me and wrote some very useful FAQs. Thanks for your hard work guys and for staying so professional! 9 out of 10

Overall, there’s just an intangible feeling of happiness from owning a rare and unique, cool and special device. Knowing you guys all input into it, knowing the trials and tribulations it had to overcome to get to me, knowing the great value this represents vs the competition makes me a solid 9 out of 10 satisfied :smiley:

(I’ll try and post updates here or in the appropriate threads as I have more feedback)

Update: 6 days in
a few minor updates that occurred to me after I wrote the review:

  • I do have some light bleeding, but nothing major and I can easily live with it (see pics in the comments). I saw this straight away when booting up, but the fact I’ve forgotten to put into the review pretty much confirms that I can live with it!
  • the top USB C is quite snug and tight. I know some have USB C connectors that are perhaps a little too inset leading to a looser connection
  • the micro SD slot is a little fiddlier than with my Surface to get a card out. Need to use a finger nail to flip it out.
  • Batterybar now suggesting average battery life is 11:30 hrs, tho fairly light use tbh

p.s. why on earth did I call this M3 MB?? I have no idea!! UPDATE 25 Jan - because I’m an idiot and it was a typo!


Love the TDLR review :-)…not for faint heart 200 character readers :slight_smile:

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As per Batterybar disclaimer, it will show the real battery status as days progresses, not sure if they have implemented any machine learning in it, but give some days for that to also settle down.

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With something like that you can use a simple averaging algorithm to get decent approximations (far from actual machine learning), but data points are still needed. This is something you can actually do by hand if you want - and you may be able to even write a program to make a .csv file with two columns of data points: time and battery percentage. After a few days import the file into excel and do some excel things and you’ll get a good idea of how your battery life is with regular use.

Sure…but as they are traditional ways to do things, nowadays we don’t do all the manual stuff, keep eye on it every day, note down, transfer data to excel sheet, use formulas to derive some sense, etc. ML is the answer to these and bots are used to do the same for us.

But as you suspect, I don’t know what algorithm method they chose to derive the same. :thinking:

It’s nice to read something positive here.
Thanks @Kee for the review


Hi sorry if this is a dumb question, but what is LPS0 and how would you turn it off?

Instructions can be found here

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Hmm, so I fully charge the V last then take out the charger and just close the keyboard, expecting it to go into sleep. Wake up this morning and it’s at 68% battery, doh! More investigation needed!

Oh man, this would drive me nuts. Sorry if this was stated elsewhere, but is the V actually (hardware+firmware) capable to do “close keyboard to put system to sleep”?

Anyway, thanks for sharing the write-up. I enjoyed reading it :slight_smile:


It should handle it without problems. But seems it doesn’t work everytime as can be seen

How abt without the keyboard? Is it draining battery as well?

So far today it’s all been good. I always keep the keyboard on to be honest, but I realise that I had the RGB backlighting on all the time (in blue) which drains battery. I’ve since turned this off and that has helped a bit, but I still need to investigate more into why it isn’t going to and staying in sleep mode… this is just like trying to get my 1 year old to sleep!

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Hey! Do you have backlightbleed on your device?

Hiya, yeah good point I do, however it’s not so major cos I forgot about it during my review :wink:

It was quite noticeable when booting up the V, but once in use in Windows you next to never notice it, unless in a dark room and watching Netflix, but even then it isn’t too bad. I’ve spoken to the eve team and it’s normal to have a little light bleed.

Could you upload a picture on it so i can compare with mine? I want to know how bad mine compares before i contact support. Thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks for the review! Just out of curiosity which clan are you in? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

hehe, I’m in a clan called “wu3” - th10 going th11 (2 weeks to upgrade… argh!!)

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This is using my camera which seems to really accentuate it. To the naked eye it isn’t so noticeable. Strongest bit is to the bottom left, can hardly see anything to the right


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@Kee I think the biggest problem with this picture is that your family isn’t in it. :rofl: