M3 and Photo editing?

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I’m looking for a new tablet (or ultrabook really) that can handle everything I do in my day to day life. That starts with office work and writing task (several chrome tabs and working/compiling in LaTeX - my last tablet fails to do the compiling and I needed to switch to a cloud based solution :confused: ) but more importantly also includes quick lightroom/luminar edits of raw files. Is the m3 version capable of handling all that - not at once obviously - or would I need to go for the i5 version?
I’m not really worried about the office tasks, given the 8GB of RAM but will the m3 bottleneck the device when it comes to photo editing?

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PS: I know, that >128GB in storage are kinda small for a real photo editing machine but I mainly use a desktop PC at home anyway and don’t mind moving stuff to and from an external hard drive for my on the move edits.

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Based on what you’ve described i think you’ll be fine with whatever you pick - my suggestion is go for whichever is priced most attractively for you in this order: m3, i5, i5+1tb, i7, i7+1b.

(for the record, i have the i7 but i would have taken i5+1tb if that were an option at the beginning.)

They’re all really close, the only real difference is in the max boost frequency - but over a longer period of load they all work out to the same anyway.

We tried to do a gathering of performance benchmarks but that kind of went nowhere - so i linked three that should be representative of the difference in performance - i.e. m3 < i5 < i7 as intel’s positioning, but if you look at the actual thread you’ll see that’s not always the case.