Luis from Spain, I want one EVE V i7,,,, but have I a best choice?

Hello guys,
I am very happy for find these Website/ Proyect. I think the Eve Tablet ist the best Tablet at the Moment but Can I wait to the shop first Open? Are there oportunities to buy one when a order is cancelled?

I read that its not possible to buy a EVE before November or December and I have already a good competitor: Asus Transformer 3 Pro 12,6" WQHD / Intel Core i7-6500U / 16GB RAM / 512GB SSD , Price around 1000,- €,

Black Friday, December, Christmas…easily will have a good price drop off!!!

Pros/ Cons. Oportunities to buy EVE i7?
Thanks a lot!!!


Hi @LuRGuL. Stay tuned …the web shop would be your best bet!

Awesome! So do many of members of the community, myself included (although I would call it a 2in1 more than a true tablet)

Of course you can! That’s what many members of the community are waiting for! If I had to take a guess right now I would say web shop might open end of September, beginning of October. But that’s just my two cents

Welcome to the community!

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I’m guessing you meant October?

yes, thanks. Changed it

Will this happen though given the V will still be very new to market? Plus wafer thin profit margins already… so hard to discount further.

You are right @LuRGuL the asus is a very nice 2 in 1. The specs and the price are very good either. The Killer feature of the V for me is defenitely the fanless design. I can’t stand the high frequency whirr of those fans being built in 2 in 1s.
Also I think - especially with the new screen - you will get much better battery life in comparison with the 6th generation of Intels I series. So better wait for the web shop to be opened!!!


Yep @thedrawer!!!

That problem with Asus there are: Noise and Temperature. Also when you want to have a good experience with top games you must use a eGPU!!!

It is the same with EVE V?

That question can be answered by @iKirin. He did an awful lot of tests. Peter, can you answer this?

Ohhh… eve is in trouble wth that pricing. Their product needs to one ip them

Yes you need to use an eGPU for more demanding games. The integrated graphics on the V really isn’t that powerful.