LTE Maybe? This would be awesome!

I would like if management would come out with a Eve LTE tablet. This would be awesome! There’s tons of people out there that would buy also this tablet if It had LTE on it! I would buy it!


The team is considering producing a LTE version too but there has been no timeline for it.

We will just have to wait and see.


I thought someone testing prototypes found a SIM Slot in the V?

The casing doesn’t wouldn’t be very receptive of the radio waves so it would need to be redesigned. Also Eve would need to gain certification for it. Would take too much time now.


Yes, but it’s not exposed and therefore would not be functional.

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There has been some demand for an LTE version of the V, and the team has already invested some research into making this a reality.

Some issues that Eve faces in this include (but are not limited to) the aluminium casing that blocks signals (there would have to be a wider antenna band to facilitate LTE, which means the housing needs to be redesigned) and international certifications (they can’t just come up with something on their own and expect to be able to sell it worldwide).

At the moment, Eve is focused on shipping the existing models. After that, other options such as LTE will be given renewed attention!


The SIM slot is placed onto the same board as SD slot, so basically the internals are ready for LTE. But the housing is not, so it doesn’t have thick enough antenna lines nor a cut-out for SIM card. @wealthy there will be an LTE model later, just not yet :wink:


Is it possible to get LTE via USB-C or something? maybe eve team develops a dongle and pushes software update to support it?

You can buy a USB-based LTE-modem (like huawei etc), whatever those are called in english. In finnish we call them Mokkula :stuck_out_tongue:


But everybody knows that Finnish is just weird :stuck_out_tongue:


I have not really an idea how you need the antenna to be and where it should be placed but I just thought:

Can you replace the SD-card with an antenna, since the SD card is coming right next to the outlines of the device?

weird yes…the best INDEED!



AFAIK one of the biggest problem with LTE is that you have to pay a huge amount of money for certificates.
I think I remember @Konstantinos or @Mike telling that eve may have to partner with some telecomunication company to make it payable.

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No, we’re talking about antenna lines here. You can put in an antenna anywhere you want, really, but the metal body will block the signal.

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I would also hope for an easily accessible Simcard Slot.
I really don’t like the solution chosen for my Thinkpad, where the Simcard is located under the battery (that needs to be removed for exchanging ist)

I’d argue that what can be left outside the device, should be. The specs are as Spartan as the design. Being able to attach a dongle as @inffy noted, allows greater flexibility for those who travel. Plus, our phones are already indispensable - they’ll become more so. A(n LTE capable) phone is a handy gateway to the internet in the absence of WiFi.

I urge sincerely: we need not make all our devices do everything. Such levels of redundancy can be uneconomical.

So you would let out WLAN of your devices and use a dongle instead? And one for Bluetooth?
For me at least built in LTE is the absolute dealbraker. I am 90% of the day in a situation without WLAN availability.
And for a ultraportable device like that mobile internet without having to connect a dongle or Phone by cable is absolutely important. And WLAN tethering is no option, as it drains the mobiles battery way to fast.
This is one thing that makes devices like the ipad so useful. Switch it on and you have internet…
It might be different in e.g. USA where you have free Wifi everywhere. But here in Germany without LTE you always need to tether your phone on the go. And as most mobile contracts here can be had with up to three simcards it is just convenient to have one of them in the Laptop to be always on, if you use it.

I see what you mean.
There’s large use-case dependence.

I’m now curious about the battery drain vs. connection speed if a) we have an LTE module in the V or b) we have an average phone connected to the V by either [i] USB tethering or [ii] WLAN tethering. I’ll try to look this up later; but if you already have some idea about the differences, do please share.

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I currently use a Lenovo X230 with built in LTE modem (running in Linux). Here the impact of the LTE modem to battery life is less than using WLAN.
It is really convenient, just having your computer always on (I am on an mobile flatrate that is limited to 1mbit after the first GB, but this is absolutely enough for everyday use of the web, if there are no big downloads oder video streaming).
I bought this computer mainly because of the LTE capability (and Linux compatibility). Before I had a computer tethered to my iPhone and I found it really inconvenient.)
I use the computer for my job, and especially I need to be on the phone for calls and simulataneouly use screen sharing over webex. And this always was problematic, either the powercord on the phone was really annoying, there were problems of the phonecall impacting data connection or the battery draining in only about 1-2 hours.