Low Latency mode or Adaptive Sync?

Hi everyone,
I’m trying to figure out which will give me the best response time and gaming experience on my Xbox Series X. I know that you can have Adaptive sync and allow latency mode on at the same time in the OSD, so which one is better to have on in terms of performance and response time?

Thanks in advance

Adaptive sync dynamically adjusts the display’s refresh rate to suit your console/PC’s ouput frames-per-second so that screen tearing is reduced. This is not a “performance” feature per se, it’s an image quality feature.

Low-Latency mode changes what method the monitor uses to buffer frames. I am not familiar with the difference between the two modes, but you can always swap back and forth and see if one mode works better than the other.

Page 33 of the user manual describes these features: Eve Spectrum ES07D03 User Manual (shopify.com)

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Gotcha I’d assume that low latency is going to give more of an advantage at this point, thank you

Hi Salzar!

How did you set that up?, Did you turned off Adaptive Sync in the monitor?

Also did you changed something else on the xbox or the monitor? I’m trying to find the best settings buy can’t seem to find a lot of info. And my “allow auto low-latency mode” is greyed out on my xbox.

Thank you