Love my Eve- V you should too!

I just got my Eve V and I can not stop loving it! Thank you for such an awesome device.


Definitely agree! Is light bleed on the screen common? It’s mostly prevalent on the bottom left corner of the display.

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I also received my LB i7 V. Love, love, love!


It is not that bad. It is most notable on full black images and then I have still seen much worse. I did not expect to see it and was a little sad, but it doesn’t seem like something that can be solved. I’m over it now. I have fallen in love.
I once went to best buy to exchange a laptop my parents were getting because the light bleed was atrocious. I ended up going through every single laptop they owned of that model because they all had light bleed.


I personally have not seen that. However, I have been seeing a few issues.

I have a lot of services running. I do not know what 90% of them are this has been making my processor run at 100% a lot. I also tried to run a few updates from Microsoft, and one keeps saying that I need to restart the computer for me to finish it. I have downloaded it personally from the Microsoft tool, and it still comes up that I need to do it.

Done! Thank you for giving me this opportunity.