Lounge functions

I’ve recently been given Trust level 3 by @riku (thanks BTW) and one of the perks it to have acess to the lounge. The one thing I didn’t understand is what is it’s purpose?

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@Artur Yes you are right! We are now figuring out how it would work :smiley:

Well you are a member of a cool zone but we haven’t come up with the perks yet :slight_smile:

Any ideas?


Maybe start first the discussions in this lounge :wink: Trust level 3 people get to know and tell their opinions first and you can make changes to the way you plan the discussion (maybe change for instance the amount and which ports you’d like).
You could make other benefits for trust level 3 like telling more about the production costs or something like that.
I’m just speculating what you could do :wink:

Could you tell us (people with access to the lounge) more or less the price of the pf? It could be one of the perks of being an active member of this community.

I don’t think they know the exact price yet themselfes.

They’ll surely have an idea in what range it’ll be (I’m thinking it’s gonna be 1000$ max tbh), but coming out before the product releases can be quite bad - as shown with the oculus, when Palmer Lucky said that the Rift was gonna be “in the ballpark of 350$”, and it was sold for I think 600$ or even 700.

Also: I just noticed the lounge :smiley:

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Yeah the lounge isn’t being used actively. I know it’s difficult to predict the price but I think that it’s not going to be more than 700/800$ for the base model and maybe 1500$ for the max specs. From what I know, many costs have been eliminated given the way the pyramid flipper is being built and manufactured - R&D is reduced because it’s crowd-developed; there is no retailer so as much as 30% can be cut in sale price; there is no transportation as a result and storage cost is greatly reduced; it’s easier to manage the stock since you only ship a device when you have orders for it (and increase in possibility of profit); so many things that will help the pf have a powerful impact on the market through its awesome price to performance ratio ( we hope so)!
And that’s why I think we should spend money on the best components possible - since costs will be reduced in upwards of 30%, maybe even 40%, we can afford to step up the quality while keeping the price lower than the other high end devices. However I still stand for slight compromises in certain areas like for example the processor which I think for the price is worth having core m instead of core i although we could have the latter if for some reason the community thinks there is the need for better graphics (this could be an option to study since we’ve heard there’s going to be a partnership with Razer where the razer core will be compatible with the pyramid flipper).

Ah, good to know.

Have we gotten confirmation from @Konstantinos or @Mike that there will be multiple versions of the Flipper? Up to now the talks were only for 1 configuration of the device, with the option to exchange some things (like the M.2 SSD)

As far as I’ve seen it in benchmarks (not tested on a real device, mind you) with a halfway decent cooling (I can’t remember if it was active) the Core M5 persistently, on longer benchmarks was ~30-40% lower than the Core i5 - but that is also dependent on the cooling of the device.

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I think after building prototypes Eve team should see if the pf is underpowered and if having 16 RAM for instance makes sense with a core m processor even if you’re choosing the m7. Another thing is that IMO the cooling system should be absolutely top notch. It should distribute well the heat throughout the device and be very efficient in dissipating heat so that even if you’re playing intensive games, you can still hold it like a tablet and not be afraid of touching it. I heard the Surface Pro 4 has a nice cooling system which uses active and passive cooling but I haven’t got one to test myself though. Sure a core m doesn’t need as much cooling as a core i but that question should be looked by Eve’s engineers.

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