Lounge Functions II: Return of the Lounge

Didn’t want to resurrect a dead thread, but…

Hi! I just got Regular status (Yay! I feel special!) and I was wondering: Has anyone ever came up with a specific purpose for the lounge area?

(probably a question for @iKirin or @Konstantinos)


I’m not either of them but I can tell you the lounge hasn’t been used much if at all. Any ideas of what it can be used for?

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Well, we could build a bar over here, and then over there in that corner we can set up a small stage so we can have live music, and…


karaoke!?!?! and maybe a fountain?

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Ooh, water feature, nice touch. We could have laminar water streams with RGB lighting maybe. It’ll be fancy!

Not too sure about karaoke. Maybe you can convince me to sing after we’ve, umm… ‘tested’ the new bar. Yeah, that’s right. Tested the bar…


Of course after we test the bar! maybe a a waterfall??

uh, Champagne fountain! It’s a classy place here! :wink:

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and Congrats on the “regular” now you can fix spelling mistakes in thread titles! haha.


Spelling mistakes are the reason I asked to be a mod. Now I can fix any spelling mistakes. Muhahaha.


Uhhh invisible lounge :smiley:
Where are the cookies from the dark side? :cookie:

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Some of you observant people might notice that the description of the Lounge no longer mentions Insiders, instead now saying Regulars. It has no effect on how it works, it’s just a change of wording to better convey what the Lounge is here for.

It’s a very dead area. But congrats! I’ll lose my regular status again soon from not maintaining my readings and what not.

I think we should use it to discuss people who aren’t regulars who need to be… Ended.

So many eye twitches over so much stupidity in so many threads :no_mouth:

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First of all, I thought “wow great, I am different from the rest of the community”. But it’s not the truth : we are all the community, regular as standard users, and this is this mix that will make the V unique.
Even if we have to read lot of threads, and some stupids…

Don’t you get regular status by reading and posting alot? Anybody will get it if they stay active, it doesn’t matter if they actually truly read it or not
cough not looking at anyone in particular cough :smiley:

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I’m not sure how it’s granted… there seems to be a LOT more regulars since the new year (about half of the regulars became ones this year) loads of them in the past few weeks.

link below to the requirements to be a regular


Just read up on it when i saw the other thread. It seems you need a few likes as well, so I guess it’s a bit harder to achieve.

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20 likes isn’t that much in my opinion

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yeah, not over 100 days.

Suddenly I don’t feel so special.

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Sorry for that :joy:

You can still aspire to become a Leader (level 4) :wink: and then a moderator hehe