Looking for a great desk monitor arm suggestion

Hi, with the release of the spectrum coming in hot, I was looking at a great Arm monitor that goes after my desk, if any of you got suggestions/links from Canadians retailers, it would be much appreciated. I did my own research but some of the reviews always threw me off. So I’m curious to know what other spectrum buyers will use!

Thank you!


Are you talking about a VESA mount for the Spectrum monitors?

If so, see this topic: Any recommendations for a decent VESA mount for the Spectrum?

My own recommendation is a bit down in that thread, see Any recommendations for a decent VESA mount for the Spectrum? - #9 by nkyadav

It’s not the best as seen on multiple review sites, but it is solid, and works well.

If that is not what you’re talking about, mind explaining what I misunderstood about what you’re looking for?


Also, here is a much more detailed review of that same product (the very last ‘summary’ link in my post:


I suppose it depends on whether you will be mounting the arm to the wall, or attaching to a desk. There are some on Amazon with great reviews. One thing to consider when purchasing a vesa arm: Is the size, and weight of the monitor.

The size of the monitor is 27", and the weight is 4.7kg (10.3617lbs)

So any mount with good reviews; that supports 100x100 vesa, and that can hold a 27" monitor weighing 4.7kg. Extra features like a cable tidy would also be beneficial.

These links are for Amazon Canada:

This is an example of an arm attached to desk

This is an example an arm mounted to the wall

I’ve actually ordered the Spectrum with the official Eve stand, because it looks of very good quality, and I will move my Spectrum around.

Edit: Sorry I seem to have completely missed that you wanted one that attaches to the desk. The link to the arm that attaches to desk, seems to have good reviews, but the stand is heavy so would depend on your desk whether it’s suitable, or not.


Like I said in the other linked thread I have the Fully Jarvis dual arm and love it. It is a premium one though and you get what you pay for. If you plan to set and forget your monitors you can go with a cheaper one, but as soon as you try to adjust them you will see why the premium ones are more expensive.