Longer Power Brick

Is it possible to get longer power bricks? They are far too short, especially for a triple monitor configuration and monitor arm. Two of the brick have to sit on the desk because they’re way too short to do anything else with


Or could someone point me in the right direction to find and purchase longer replacements

Edit: I’m having issues with the length of the cable, not the size of the brick

Hi @FaultyTowels,

Unfortunately, these are the standard power bricks we’ve manufactured for the Spectrums.

Where are you based? If I may ask?

Does purchasing a longer IEC cable, resolve your problem? or the problem is with the size of the power brick.

I suspect this is either sarcasm (the PSU is probably too big?), or actually not about the PSU itself, but about its cable.

I suspect @FaultyTowels is talking about the length of the cable from the brick to the monitor. I also find it rather short: with my monitor on the desk I have very little leeway in placement of the brick on the floor below it.


I have my power brick taped to the back of my monitor with double-sticking gel/tape. Not the best solution, but it gets the power brick out of the way.

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sorry if i wasn’t clear - I’m having issues with the length of the cable, not the size of the brick. The cable is just too short

What is the length of the cable from the power brick to the monitor?

I don’t know whether you’ve looked for a DC power extension cable. That could be a solution but it may be very difficult to find one that could support the required current (12 Amps according to the specs). And using one that doesn’t support the required current would be very dangerous.

Absolutely don’t use a DC extension if you use the charging over USB-C option.
If you really would need to have that, than you should be replacing the whole DC cable (which I don’t recommend either).
Most of these powerbricks use the absolute minimum cable thickness which is needed to pass the approvals to sell them.

But yeah, an option with a longer cable would be nice.
I had to tape the Brick to my monitor arm, because I couldn’t throw it in the Cablechannel below my Desk.

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Huh, I have mine mounted on my standing desk and the cable reaches just fine. Brick is mounted under the desk and cable goes through my monitor mount clips.


I have my monitors on a triple monitor arm. The middle one reaches the floor, the two outer ones barely reach bellow the the actual desk surface at the back as you can see by the picture I posted

Have you considered just getting a barrel plug extender? Or mounting the bricks to the back of the display then running it down with the power cable?

I have, bit i would rather not mount the bricks to back of display if i could avoid it. @Phil suggested the extender further up, but as @Zodiac09 said, it’s not an option if i wanted to use the monitor to charge over USB C, like an iPad for instance

I was watching an LTT video and remembered seeing this thread when I saw how LG solved the cable length issue. Check it out for a possible solution. DC cable extension. This way you can have brick out of sight and use extension if needed.
This Makes Apple Look Stupid - LG Ergo Dual - YouTube (at 7:40)


Hi @KiroKompiro,

Good one. Might have limitation with the power delivery since it is longer cable. But it can be something that we will look into in the future releases.