Long delays between switching inputs and no signal XBOX and PS5

Hi everyone

I was wondering if anyone is having the same issue when switching inputs. On display port and switch to my Xbox series X or PS5, there is a long delay and sometimes a “no signal” appears on the screen. It will right itself after a bit of messing with the monitor. Is this something that is known or being addressed on a future firmware update?


Yea I get the same. It takes forever when switching inputs as well if my computer wakes up from being sleep.


Glad I am not the only one. Firmware needs some tweaking.

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Hi @Bucc0303 & @Dakidblu,

At the moment, the presence of the high dynamic range (HDR) notably affects the time of video input switching on Spectrum, and the speed seems to be the slowest when both signals have HDR activated. We’ll see what we can do on the firmware side!


This is also happening switching from a non HDR source to a HDR source.


Appreciate the reply! Loving the monitor too I know you guys will get it done.

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I’m not using HDR (only have display port 1.4) and sometimes (once every few days) I have to power cycle the monitor as it comes back from sleep with no signal. I turn the computer off, power cycle, and even then it’s another 5-10 minutes before it comes back. I can’t even look at the menus of the spectrum using the knob, and the monitor just says no signal and the monitor goes to sleep despite the computer being on.

Updated to the new 104 firmware and it seems like it’s worse. When it works it looks great, but I can’t have a 1/10 chance of spending ten minutes waiting, power cycle, trying a new wire, trying the old wire and then it just seemingly clicks back on.

Any tips? Windows 10, titan x pascal using display port 1.4.