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I don’t know exactly if it’s a mistake or a feature (:wink:) but the Facebook-Login isn’t working for me since today. It worked all the time perfect but today there was an error like “You don’t have permissions to use this app”. Is anyone able to confirm this?

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Hi, I had the same issue but with Google yesterday… Restart your browser, computer, delete cache and cookies, … It’s worked for me…

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And if you’re using Chrome, make sure you use https://dough.community/ rather than http:, I ran into that problem during the last Chrome update, though I was using Google+ to log in.


Hi everyone!

We’re aware of the issues with the regular (non-https) site & are checking to fix it soon. :slight_smile:

Sorry for the confusion that this makes! :slight_smile:

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This isn’t just a Facebook problem - it doesn’t allow logins with email address/password either on the HTTP site.

Perhaps the title of this thread could be updated to something clearer - “Login problems on dough.community HTTP site - use HTTPS instead”

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I’m using http and it works fine for me…

I can confirm his problem. Had trouble logging in last night.

Just log in with your email, better for your privacy anyway and the problem is solved too.

That’s the thing, email login seems to have problems too

This seems to fix the issue with standard e-mail login as well. Or at least, just clearing browser cache and cookies and restarting the browser. Restarting the computer is a bit much (doesn’t hurt either, though).

I have a little hypothesis here… if you login to the https version once, this bug could appear in http version. Then, deleting the https://dough.community cookies should fix the problem. Only a hypothesis, will need to test that when I get to my desktop :slight_smile:

Just letting you know, I just successfully logged out/in again on http. @iKirin, did you fix something? Or maybe this issue is browser-dependent?

I’m not sure what it is - I logged in with HTTPS and now I can log in/out with HTTP ok.

It was definitely a problem for me - I couldn’t log in for a week or so. It’s definitely not a problem at the moment (for me) on the same PC/browser.

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I just experienced a similar problem.

I use to go to the HTTP site, and several minutes ago I found myself logged out. Couldn’t log back in.
I there started Chrome’s debugger to see what’s going on, and found that there’s a 403 Forbidden request to http://dough.community/session.

After that I used Incognito mode in Chrome to try to login and somehow it worked.

Suspecting it being some cookies issue, I cleared all application data associated with dough.community with Chrome’s debugger. To my disappointment, it didn’t work.

Finally I tried using the HTTPS site, it worked. (I’m now posting this via the HTTPS site)
Except that the EVE logo cannot be displayed.

I had the same earlier today. Clearing the cache solved my problem also for http://

I still hope that the https-version will get the logo “issue” resolved (up on top it does not show for me), once that is done I’d completely switch to https :slight_smile:

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happened again today.
with http I’m not logged in and can’t log in (unknown error).
with https I’m logged in already.

the issue is known & we’re hoping to finally fix it today (or tomorrow, depending on your timezone)

For me you’ve got 2 1/2hrs left of today :slight_smile: so I guess tomorrow! Now I know how to work around the issue it’s not a major problem but it was pretty confusing at first.