Login using Google doesn't work after domain changed to Dough

Login using Google doesn’t work anymore after the domain changed from eve.community to dough.community:


Thank you for bringing this up! The team is aware of this issue!

Okay so if you know what email you used for google you can type that email in on the left see photo and click the email me a login link and go from there

Once you login. then remove the existing sign in with Gmail, then recreate it and you should be able to login as normal :slight_smile:

Hope this helps! If you have any further questions feel free to DM me!

Lol this isn’t a solution, just fix it already. It’s been broken for ages. Twitter login doesn’t work for me either, I had a create a new login just to post this.

It’s still broken?!?!?

For Google, all it takes is someone logging into Dough’s developer account, going into the OAuth settings and changing the redirect URL to the new dough.community site. It’s a 5 minute task for someone with the right level of access.

For Facebook and Twitter, it’s probably a very similar operation. All of these should be fixable within about 15-20 minutes.

Alternatively, assuming that the old eve.community domain is still owned by Dough, they can have authentication return to the old domain and have the old domain redirect to the new domain. It’s clunky but it should work.

There is absolutely no valid reason why this should still be broken more than 2 months after the rebrand.

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Twitter login was broken for me before the rebrand, no idea what they did to mess it up.

Hardly surprising though. Everything Eve does is a tragic mess.