Liquid screen protector (no glass/plastic!)

What do you guys make of this?

I feel the mobile industry would be eating this alive if it were real… Though I also feel NASA does have something like this already, but I didn’t think it was affordable.

For the moment, perhaps a company such as Skinomi could make something that fits the EV, front, back and sides? Or maybe one of those snazzy bendable rubber-plastic things like on smartphone? The Microsoft Surface has loads of products - even a Otterbox, available to protect it. There is NOTHING for my ASUS Transformer 3 Pro except the Skinomi. And for the EVE, apparently just a screen cover? Your thoughts? If I actually get an EVE, I’d sure like to protect it!

I don’t feel you followed the link lol. There’s a specific product there.

Edit: I’m trying to figure out if it’s a genuine product and seeing what people think about it. It could be used for the glass of the screen on a V but I wasn’t trying to start a thread on cases and stickers etc. Just on this specific liquid screen protector in that link.

I did - I think it was merely coincidence that your post and mine (regarding whether a protector exists at all for the EVE) were posted within moments of each other!

That’s crazy! It seems impossibly good - so much so it makes me really skeptical…


Hey Niloc, on a different topic (I couldn’t find the answer elsewhere…) is the back of the EVE glued or screwed on? Thanks, Jeff

While there is no way to be sure, I do find it odd that they would be able to come up with, and finalise a product like this in just two months. Especially with how none of them claim to have any chemical knowledge, as far as I can tell.

Then, reading up on their website made me doubt them even more. There is a bunch of things they claim that even I can see is blatantly wrong, and the rest I have spent almost an hour trying to confirm or deny, but to no avail.
Some might come down to poor translation, though. Could anyone that know German perhaps look over the website in German to see if it is as ridiculous as the English translation?


There are already these nano coating “screen protectors” on the market, but that product claims things that sound impossible.


The screen is glued into the chassis. The back isn’t screwed or glued to anything because it’s part of the chassis. To open it, you need to remove the screen.

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I had my skepticism. Thanks @Nawthor @mlivesey for taking the time. I didn’t think we were really at that technology stage.

@inffy when you say there are already nano coating screen protectors out there. You mean the same concept as this? Rub a liquid on and let it dry? But without all the extra claims these guys are making?

Edit: @Jeffrey_newton as @pauliunas said. He’s right. It’s a very solid item the V. You won’t be able to upgrade it.


Yep, atleast here in Finland there are few of these on sale. Works the same way, you rub the “solution” with a wipe to the screen and let it dry.

Never have tested these so no idea if they actually work or not.

What needs to be tested is a device with and a device without that coating. Preferably using gorilla glass 3 (the one on the V) or higher (found on high end or even mid range smartphones). Otherwise we won’t know if it’s the glass or the coating protecting the screen.

(Personal opinion here)

Also I think it would have to be checked if that “rubbable” solution could damage the anti-glare coating.

But in general I like the idea of such coatings @inffy Thanks for the info, I’ll try to pick one up on monday :wink:

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Nope. What needs to be tested is only a device with the coating (and without Gorilla Glass). It doesn’t really matter if it’s harder or softer than Gorilla Glass, as the point of it is not to replace the glass, but to protect it from scratches for as long as possible. We don’t need comparisons between it and Gorilla Glass. We need to know for how long it can protect the underlying surface without beginning to look ugly. Because you can replace a screen protector. You can do it every month if it’s required. But you can’t replace a whole screen, it’s just too expensive :slight_smile: So, the question is not “is it better than Gorilla Glass?”, it’s “how long does it protect Gorilla Glass?” because you don’t want to replace it every month. Every half a year is fine in my opinion.

I call this scam, those are two Marketing plebs and they couldn’t even Set up a proper timeline…

They demonstrate the waterepellant effect on the Aluminium back of an iPhone…ofc the water will run down jk physics.

Sry if I was a bit offensive.

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I the campaign its stated to last 365, it also acts as an optical Filter and your Smartphone appears to have richer colours now.
Aswell if you are a photographer you can put it on your lens, it will catch more sunlight if you do so.

I beg to differ. Why buy that coating if it’s the gorilla glass protecting the screen?

Gorilla Glass is not protecting the screen. It’s part of the screen. What it needs to do is protect the Gorilla Glass. As I said, we need to test it on plain glass.

@TheDestiny I was not talking about the campaign…

Atleast Gigantti sells them and I think too (in Finland)

Thanks, Pauliunas -

Is it possible for a layperson without special tools remove the screen? My concern isn’t upgrading, it’s servicing. My ASUS Transformer 3 Pro is glued, and the fan broke. It’s probably something I could fix myself IF I could open the case, but it’s impossible for anyone but the ASUS (or other competent) techs. I’ve not really check out the servicing aspects of the V, should same become necessary. Would it have to be sent to Finland? Thanks, - Jeff