Linux Experiences on the V

OK, as suggested by @nawthor here: TopLevelLinuxSupport I decided to create a new topic in the recommended place.

I’m still waiting for my Limited Bird to arrive here in South Texas, but I’m planning on installing linux pretty quickly. I’m looking for a place to consolidate information, the good, the bad, and the ugly that folks run into while installing, or running Linux on their new V. If any of those select few that have already received their V are doing so, please drop a note in here and let us know how that has gone.

Similarly, for those (like me) still waiting… if you run across info in other parts of the forum, or have specific questions and comments feel free to post them here. It sounds like if we get enough traffic in here, they may be open to moving this topic up to a top level under Support, which I think would make it easier to find.

My plan is to try to install Xubuntu 17.10 in a dual boot mode and see how that works. Others?


You can already gather much information from other posts regarding Linux on V.

Recent experience: It’s running smooth, although some sensors and camera need extensive work I guess. Touchscreen is working out of the box.

Well, let’s see.

I won’t get a V anytime soon, but I’m very interested in others’ experiences trying to install and use Linux on it, so I’ll be around.

Yes – but it can sometimes be hard to find… I’m looking to consolidate some of that info. Either put links in here, or for small enough bits, just cut/paste/duplicate… Since you mentioned recent experience… can you comment on what distro you are running, or how you installed it (dual-boot, live only, etc).

Latest Arch + GNOME, installed in dual-boot with rEFInd.
The installation instructions have just slightly changed from my original post here

Tested Ubuntu and Fedora live images, both ran fine.

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How is the battery life with Linux(Arch?) on the V?

Hey @bob, I started writing up a guide on how to enable the V’s hardware in a standard desktop Linux to consolidate the basics for others to use. The guide is for Fedora Workstation 27 since that’s what I am using, but seeing that my effort is very similar to what you were proposing: how about I make a new wiki post with what I already have and others could fill in the blanks or add more sections in case they notice any other sensors not working?

Sounds great @jono – where are you planning on putting the ‘wiki post’ ? you mean just here in the forum? If so that’s fine – just wasn’t clear.

Yup, on here. I haven’t tried, but I think when you start a new topic you can set the format to wiki so other community members can edit it, too.

Hmm… ok – I don’t know how to do that, but sounds good.

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Alright, I’ll post it later tonight. The guide I wrote up is on the V, and the V is currently at home :see_no_evil:


Battery life is great as far as I can tell! Not yet sure about power management over a long series of suspend and resume cycles. This used to be an issue on my previous laptop but I haven’t run into any such problems on the V yet. That being said, I haven’t had time to use the V over a number of days without fully powering it down.

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Approx 6h I’d say, without any power management except the standard DE things.

But V in general feels ‘slow’ sometimes… No idea why. (Booting into rEFInd : 3sec delay before you can do anything; login in GDM : 10sec pause - the prototype didn’t have such issues; compile Chromium from AUR : you can do much stuff in the meantime)

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Hey guys, here’s the new topic as promised above. It’s a wiki, so feel free to add any valuable information you have:


When I see this topic I read it as ‘Linus Experience’ instead of ‘Linux experience’ and start to think of the LinusTechTips video of the V, every single time, followed by a face-palm smile for it keeps getting me every time! :smiley:

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Would be interested to hear what your experiences were with Fedora, I assume Fedora 27? I am looking to change it immediately (when it shows up) to Fedora 27 (non dual boot). Keen to know what worked and what didn’t.

Think it was 27, the latest live-image from their site.

  • Touchscreen
  • Orientation (needs fix from above)
  • Keyboard

I just fired it up, no intensive testing. But I’m 90% sure it works all well.

I know this is kind of off topic, but it looks like the latest Ubuntu release 17.10 has a critical issue that may affect some motherboards/BIOSs. Originally it was thought to be just Lenovos, but yesterday it was reported that this affects some other computers too; has anybody checked to see if this would occur on the V?

Impact: Many users are reporting issues with bios corruption with 17.10. This seems to stem from enabling the intel-spi-* drivers in the kernel, which don’t appear to be ready for use on end-user machines.

Bug may effect machines from any manufacturer that uses BIOS based on Insyde Software

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Yikes! That sounds scary… any chance some member of @Team could investigate at all, or potentially advise?

Sounds like the reported “Bug may effect machines from any manufacturer that uses BIOS based on Insyde Software”

Can anyone confirm/deny that the BIOS in the ‘V’ is based on Insyde Software?

Hmm… Seems like when I try to click on that link it doesn’t allow me to view it. Says “Sorry, you don’t have access to that topic!” so was wondering if there is any permission that I need to get to view the topic?