LinusTechTips Made His Video About The V!


I don’t think this is the one. ← was with wrong title before.

It’s cool to hear Linus opinion, especially one that enthusiastic. “OnePlus for Windows” does have a nice ring to it.


LOL! Well that was faster even than the internets. Very well orchestrated. Great job!

Actually this was one of the few proper reviews the past couple of days. Not exagerations, promptly informed but not too much, just spot on.


I don’t think he’s the one xD

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This one has been done in Computex. It’s not the one we told before. But very good review !:wink:


Great review, the coverage of specs and community’s role is well balanced - plus instead of static shots of just the device sitting pretty he brings it around, rotates it and shows off the pen. Love it.

But before others get confused, community managers 1 to 3 sound off please and move this thread / change the title :wink: @nawthor @iKirin @Helios


This is actually the hands on I liked most from everything that has been made recently :slight_smile: should start seeing more Linus videos I guess…

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Oops! (Heheh) I thought he was the one. Sorry for the previously misleading title and thanks to @fanoftech4life for changing the title before I could :slight_smile:


I’ve never seen that reviewer before, but i think he did a really good job of getting the message across quickly.

He’s pretty famous.
I got messages from other friends sharing this video before I saw it, and that’s a testament to his impressive fan base.
It’s amazing that he’s given a clear concise and positive hands-on review to the V. Will certainly earn us more support.


This shold have gone here Computex - Eve shockwaves! [Updated! - 2nd Wave! ! 🌊 ] - #67 by AntonyTerence


Yeah, I’ve seen positive comments and skeptical comments below on the videos.

Most of them are comparing it their trusty Surface Pro 4, since they are priced the same-now (discounted) and critiques on clarity/outdated specs of the Eve V, arguments like:

  1. Why should I buy the Eve V, when the Surface Pro 4 is priced fairly the same now. (mainly the i5/256/16gb model)
  2. Why didn’t they have the 4,096 lvl. Surface Pen? (guess a big dissapointment, since we are locked-in 2016 :disappointed_relieved:)
  3. The prices are a little bit-high for the processors (the M5/M7), why didn’t Eve call it with Core M processors? (since viewers see it like a deceptive strategy, that we worried about would happen; since people don’t know about core i7-Y renaming)
  4. Some people questioning the benefits of eGPU for a core M…

Like this comment (mostly from one guy):

Anyways, I’m glad there are people actually defending/ making a stand for EVE:

Even Linus!

And here, are our forum goers (defending the truth):


So basically a lot of noobs who mainly have no idea of the facts? Yep, that’s youtube :wink:


YouTube comments: not even once.


youtube comments: bunch of kids writing nonsense

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YouTube comments: people not getting their facts straight


Hello all first post to this forum and I hope not the last. I found out about the V from the Linus Media Group (LMG) YouTube video. I have great interest in the V platform as I currently own 15 Microsoft Surfaces Pro 3-4. Currently the only “budget” platform that can handle my companies work load.

I would strongly… VERY strongly recommend that EVE buddy buddy up with LMG. They are a very large and reputable as you may have noticed. Very stricket ethics when it comes to marketing and review. They refuse to be a sellout and from that has greater a massively loyal fan base.

If you were able to work with LMG it could be a massive win for this community.

For me I want to see the product be even more successful as I very much need a system to compete with the Surface line and the R-12 line from Motion computing. What sparked my interest was that the community drove the V to have a larger battery at the cost of thickness. Being thin is like being the skinniest girl in class. It’s cool and all up to a certain level… Some people like some junk in the trunk. Lol

So in any case LMG is a good thing. Even the noon flamers are a good thing. It means this product got some Real estate in the mind and will keep them thinking about it. Last thing you even want is for people not to care. No care = no remeber = no opnion = no sales.