Linus tech tips Eve V review!


I edited the headline, so no one else gets their unboxing experience spoiled…


Thanks a lot! My bad! Was a bit too excited :slight_smile:


Finally! :smile:

Comments on the review

It’s very positive! And quite balanced. For example, he didn’t mark the Y processor as a negative point like others, but just like what it is: a different kind of processor that is good for most of the regular usage but not for prolonged tasks.

The limitations seem to be minor, have workarounds, or will hopefully be fixed:

  • The webcam (not a drama, we knew that)
  • The pen is average (we knew that too, and you can get a different one that feels a bit better).
  • The pen holder magnets (this is being said by many V owners too… I think Eve should try to improve the pen design for the after-IGG batches).
  • The battery life (this is kind of a setback, but hopefully Eve’s on the road to fix that)
  • And… the Alcantara finish? (Why would this Alcantara be less durable than SP one? I’m lost here)

So if I didn’t know the V and had only seen this review, it would have really got my attention.


I don’t know about the V, but I’m sure going to get me some Mack Weldon!

(seriously, congrats, great review!)

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I think Surface has some kind of coating added to the Alcantara to protect it more from lint etc


And is light grey (same color a dust)…


Surface has a layer transparent PU on top of Alcantara fabric from Italy. So in that case you are touching not the actual Alcantara but PU while Alcantara is serving more of a visual purpose. On the back of the keyboard I think it’s pure Alcantara.

We are excited about the video too :slight_smile:


Excellent review!

He is not easy to please!
I’m just a bit concerned with the battery longevity. I would have gone with Panasonic.
But is great to know that you can still optimize power consumption.

You know the best part?
After all the production troubles and delays you come out looking stronger.
Excellent launch!
Congrats team you have done something amazing, be proud!.

PS: congrats on the engagement @Konstantinos maybe the most important year of your life so far…
PS2: what is a realistic time-frame for a mortal to finally get the V? (without flash sales) :innocent:


Feel as he’s slamming the pen a bit too hard seen as it’s included with the V and has to be bought for the Surface. Especially since both use the N-TRIG protocol.


Finally!!! :smiley:

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Linus didn’t mention that the keyboard could be connected to the V via Bluetooth.

He did mention RGB backlighting though. We know how much Linus loves RGB.


being free doesn’t make it any less unremarkable though.

Fair and balanced review. Definitely getting me excited to get mine


Early Acer TimelineX 3830TG laptops had Panasonic battery and they degraded quite a lot over time. The units with another vendor (Sanyo) retained its capacity better

Watched the review, did seem like Linus was going out of his way to appear “balanced”. One example -
mentioning the fact that the Surface Pro 2017 was sharper and that it is a trade off between that and anti-reflective coating that the V has is biased. It should be more like anti-reflective coating is a MAJOR plus vs. not having it. Overall I was happy with the review; just wish it was a bit longer.

Kinda hope my i7 purchase didn’t go to waste because of increased throttling compared to the i5. I believe a week ago there was a benchmark review which showed similar performance for the m3, i5 and i7. As for the pen, I don’t care about the comparison between V’s pen with the one for Surface Pro 2017 but more about the fact that you can’t easily store it. I’m far less likely to use the pen if it can’t be stored properly. I know the pen can be stored in the sleeve that I ordered but someone already did a review mentioning scratches encountered from storing the V and pen in the sleeve.


Yeah, fair enough but the way he says it makes it seem like the pen technologies are both properiatary and included with the products, which they don’t are :slight_smile:

Linus’ assumption is a bit inaccurate there. As per Intel specification, all models will throttle to 7W power limit after a defined amount of time (around half minute). The speed that can be achieved within the 7W limit varies from unit to unit. Intel guarantees 1.6 GHz, but nearly all units, if not all can get to at least 2 GHz. Anything above that is pure lottery.

The benefit of your i7 compared to the m3 and i5 is how fast the CPU can clock within the first minute of intensive task. The m3 can go to 2.6 GHz, and the i7 goes up to 3.6 GHz. It is arguably the most important factor, as most tasks are burst-y, where there is a large amount of work to do for a short time, followed by low or no CPU load. Apart from games and rendering, I couldn’t think of any non-burst-y loads.


Nice review. But, disappointed with the battery life.

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Kinda surprised he didn’t go bonkers over RGB. He mentioned it as a “nice little bonus”…