Limited edition engraving and other promises

Dear Eve Team,
I was wondering about some facts.

Number 1:
We were promised to get a limited edition engraving. Where is it? Flipped my V all over, but couldn’t find it.

Number 2:
At Indigogo campaign it was said, that I would save 770$ compared to the estimated retail price. So I paid 1399$ for the V and another 119$ for shipping and tax. So in total, I paid 1518$ or around 1436€ for my device while flash sale customers got theirs for 1699€ all taxes included. 150€ of which are caused by the new screen.
That does not really look like I was getting a 30% discount.

I feel a little bit betrayed because that is basically what I was promised.

Hope you all are well and get your Vs soon.


The engraving should be under the kickstand and for your price “issue” just search for MRSP. It was discussed a thousand times already…


Hey @Team

i know, the engraving subject is not welcomed, but anyway…

is there anything you will be doing for all the HEB customers that didn’t get there engraving on their V?
don’t know, if it is just the backers that upgraded to 1TB, where it got forgotten?

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