Lightroom slider lag?

Has anyone else noticed that the pen’s latency when clicking then dragging a slider is poor in Lightroom CC Classic?

I’ve not noticed this in other graphical apps (including photoshop). Just in lightroom when I touch a slider then drag it, it takes a moment before the slider moves.

I’ve turned off the flicks, and enable press & hold for right clicking - explained in this reddit post, which did improve the situation, but it’s still not as good as I would expect.

Well that’ll totally screw me as it’s essentially my primary purpose for purchasing a V

Is there any lag with a mouse or trackpad?

(Btw if any Lightroom user has an opportunity to test an eGPU on the Eve V, it would be great to get your input on the performances…)

Maybe @Xify could help. Looks like there is a trial for that program

I tried the program and downloaded a 41mb raw file taken from a full frame Sony Camera. The slider wasn’t snappy with the pen but the lag wasn’t that annoying.

I didn’t try with my eGPU yet.

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@Andy_Bryant which V model do you have? Also, do you find this lag is similar with finger touch or a press with a mouse?

Is there lag? At this price point I’m not sure there really should be :confused:

I guess perhaps it isn’t lag… more difficult in hitting the point to grab the slider knub, then slide it, as the target area is so small. If you hit it correctly, it moves ok, but if you’re off by a bit it sticks, and you have to find it again.

As xify says - it’s more ‘not snappy’ than laggy.

The other strange behavior I’ve notices is zoom & scroll in the image with touch is fine. Scroll on the left hand pop out bar with touch is great. Scroll on the right hand bar is strange. I can touch to scroll it down to the bottom, but then it gets stuck. I have to then grab the pen to find the tiny scroll bar and release it.

I’m on an i7 with 16Gb.

Interestingly it seems to be less of an issue with other photo apps, including the Lightroom CC version. I think they’ve designed the controls to be easier to grab with touch or pen.