LG 27GN950 vs Spectrum Model 2

I understand they will be using the same panel, so there are no differences between these 2 except for stand, looks, ports and extra features like PiP, KVM switch etc. right?


And backlight and software among other things… But honestly that’s like saying there is nothing different between a lemon and an orange, except for color, taste, and sourness… The price will be different, the scaler has different software features (and ports like you mentioned.) The panel being the same is just the tip of the iceberg tbh.

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Spectrum Model 2, being 1440p@240Hz, is technically not feasible to have the same panel as a 4K@144Hz monitor. The actual physical pixel layout is different.

However, assume they are using the same panel. The tuning will be diverse, which affects overdrive profiles; moreover, they will feature different OSD, where the end-user can tweak a different set of settings to their liking.


I have a question about HDR support. I notice the LG monitor is 600 nits max, but the spectrum is intended to be 750 nits max. How is this possible if it’s the same panel? I’m excited about having a HDR experience so I’m interested if there will be a noticeable difference in HDR quality over the LG panel.

I’ve pre-ordered the 4k model.


I’m COMPLETELY speculating here, but my guess is the panel has a range in terms of brightness and other specs. This being for the 144 Hz 4k panel obviously.

The 240 Hz 1440p one is likely another LG panel that may be in use in another model monitor (any guesses from anyone)?


If I remember correctly, the screen and the backlight are two entirely separate parts. This is partial why only up until a month or two ago was the specific backlighting decided (16 local dimming zones, and global). The panel itself is just the pixels, the backlight itself will determine the brightness.


Hey, just wondering the main differences from the LG 27gn950-b to the spectrum? Would you say your monitor is of the same quality or higher quality?

Thanks for any help :slight_smile:


Hey, @OnlyT! Welcome to our community!

I assume you would like the monitor to be compared with our 4K model Spectrum. The latter features HDMI 2.1, 100W USB PowerDelivery via Type-C, and community requested features such as user-definable overdrive levels. The panel of the two monitors is the same.


Thanks a lot, sounds good! Just gonna wait for reviews then go ahead and order. Do you have any inkling of when the skin designs will be available?


You’re welcome! We have surveyed our community on Spectrum accessories, including the skin. After we have a good idea of the options available to us, we’ll be back with more detailed info and ask you further questions about your preference.