Let's name this 2-in-1!

Hi community!

In our previous topic we asked you to come up with ideas for what to name our next 2-in-1 device. Not surprisingly, you guys came up with an amazing array of options, drawing on science, language, mythology and more for your inspirations. Now it’s time to narrow things down!


Things to keep in mind

The symbol ‘V’ was chosen for its shape: it represents a flipped pyramid, which was a symbol of the company’s goal and the project codename during its development. It also conveniently looks like the tablet- and keyboard portions of the device opened at an angle. The name for our monitor is more straightforward: ‘Spectrum’ represents the range of colors the product can display, or the range of uses it is suitable for. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, but the name should in some way represent the product’s shape, function, versatility, portability, or some other aspect.

When the V was named, it was the only product on everyone’s mind. But now that we’re developing a successor we find that naming one product isn’t quite the same as naming a product line. We’re looking for a name that will fit this device, but also our next 2-in-1, and the one after that.

Finally, the product name needs to fit with our company name. Just like people speak of HP Pavilion or Acer Aspire, they will speak of Eve V, Eve Spectrum and Eve __________…

What’s in a name?

So who are the contestants and what to they represent?

description: The 2nd generation of the V.
pro: Very straightforward. Familiar to people who know about the V.

V (2020)
description: Or just ‘V’.
The first V came out in 2017, this is the 2020 model. Similar to Apple’s computer naming scheme.
pro: Familiar to people who know about the V. Doesn’t age, so ‘having a V’ is just as cool no matter the model. Leaves easy path for future model names
con: Can be confusing when the model year isn’t specified

description: Suggests forward motion, improvement, mobility, getting things done
pro: Fits the mobile and productive nature of the device

description: Geometry: The point where two or more lines or curves meet, like Eve and the community coming together
pro: Represents the dual nature of our 2-in-1

description: Tablet 3 (After T1 and V)
pro: Very straightforward. Leaves easy path for future model names.
con: Many people don’t know about the T1. Our 2-in-1 isn’t just a tablet

description: Character representing an inverted pyramid (∇). Mathematics: Character for a gradient. Greek: ‘harp’
pro: Matches well with the company logo

description: Geology: fine-grained metamorphic rock derived from clay or volcanic ash
pro: Represents the shape of our 2-in-1

description: The device is flexible enough to meet all your needs
pro: Represents the versatility of our 2-in-1

description: The process of combining two or more distinct entities into a new whole
pro: Represents the detachable nature of our 2-in-1

description: Physics: Unit of Voltage, the product of Current (what exists) times Resistance (what we do to the status quo)
pro: Represents the rebellious nature of crowd-development

description: Additional performance after the end of a planned event

description: A course or compass direction, suggesting motion
pro: Represents the mobility of our 2-in-1

description: Greek character that is pyramid-shaped (Δ). Mathematics: Character for change.
pro: Represents the game-changing nature of crowd-development
con: The character turns our company logo upside-down

description: The forefront of an action or movement
pro: Represents Eve pioneering crowd-development

description: The letter following V in the alphabet, also visually two Vs
con: Though visually two Vs, the letter is pronounced ‘double-U’ in English. Where to go for the next generation? WV, VVV, X?

description: The V for 2020
pro: Very straightforward. Familiar to people who know about the V. Leaves easy path for future model names
con: Adding the year of release to the name will immediately show the age of older devices

description: An extraordinary accomplishment, event or child (or device!)
pro: Represents the remarkable nature of our 2-in-1

description: Geometry: The highest point of a figure. ‘peak’, ‘summit’
pro: Represents the exceptional nature of our 2-in-1

description: A model of excellence or perfection
pro: Represents the exceptional nature of our 2-in-1

description: Latin: ‘unvanquished’
pro: Represents the enduring nature of Eve

Did we miss any important meanings or representations? Did we overlook major pros or cons? Let us know with a comment!

Voting time!

We’ve got three polls for you today. And though the options are the same, the question is different each time. Time to find out what the community thinks of our options!

Which names do you like?

You can pick as few or as many as you like!

  • I like Eve V2
  • I like Eve V (2020)
  • I like Eve Momentum
  • I like Eve Vertex
  • I like Eve T3
  • I like Eve Nabla
  • I like Eve Slate
  • I like Eve Flex
  • I like Eve Fusion
  • I like Eve Volt
  • I like Eve Encore
  • I like Eve Vector
  • I like Eve Delta
  • I like Eve Vanguard
  • I like Eve W
  • I like Eve V20
  • I like Eve Prodigy
  • I like Eve Apex
  • I like Eve Paragon
  • I like Eve Invictus

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Which one is your favorite?

This is a tougher one. Now you get to pick only one!

  • Eve V2 is my favorite
  • Eve V (2020) is my favorite
  • Eve Momentum is my favorite
  • Eve Vertex is my favorite
  • Eve T3 is my favorite
  • Eve Nabla is my favorite
  • Eve Slate is my favorite
  • Eve Flex is my favorite
  • Eve Fusion is my favorite
  • Eve Volt is my favorite
  • Eve Encore is my favorite
  • Eve Vector is my favorite
  • Eve Delta is my favorite
  • Eve Vanguard is my favorite
  • Eve W is my favorite
  • Eve V20 is my favorite
  • Eve Prodigy is my favorite
  • Eve Apex is my favorite
  • Eve Paragon is my favorite
  • Eve Invictus is my favorite

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Which name should we definitely not use?

Is there a name on the list that you think is just not good at all? You get to pick only one!

  • I don’t like Eve V2
  • I don’t like Eve V (2020)
  • I don’t like Eve Momentum
  • I don’t like Eve Vertex
  • I don’t like Eve T3
  • I don’t like Eve Nabla
  • I don’t like Eve Slate
  • I don’t like Eve Flex
  • I don’t like Eve Fusion
  • I don’t like Eve Volt
  • I don’t like Eve Encore
  • I don’t like Eve Vector
  • I don’t like Eve Delta
  • I don’t like Eve Vanguard
  • I don’t like Eve W
  • I don’t like Eve V20
  • I don’t like Eve Prodigy
  • I don’t like Eve Apex
  • I don’t like Eve Paragon
  • I don’t like Eve Invictus

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The Eve team will use your feedback to inform our decision, and soon we’ll reveal what we’ll name our next 2-in-1!


Tough decision!

After reading all the great names people have proposed (even some that I was going to suggest), I can’t help but like the ones that keep the “V”, either by being a clear continuation of the previous name (V2 or V.2 like in “version two”, V20…) or by becoming an evolution of it but still including the initial letter (Vertex or Vector are my favourite ones here) as a homage.

To me, these evoke the concept of an iterative design, an improvement over something to be proud of, and not just running to new products without looking back. Even people who were most affected by issues of the first model may think “oh, they made another version, so maybe the first one didn’t go that badly after all, and this time they may nail it… at least they seem committed” instead of “right, now they came up with yet another product, but they can’t run away from their past”. So it has a positive vibe to me.

Or maybe I’m just totally wrong… but hey, I still love that powerful and suggestive symbol:

\\\\\\ V //////

PS: Aren’t there some “cons” missing?


If you have any important ones, let us know so we can update the list!

I can’t pick a favorite yet. Gonna have to think on that for awhile. The right name depends on a few things for me.

  • What’s the form factor actually going to be? Same as V? More like a laptop?

  • Is Eve going to split their product line in the future to offer a classic 2in1 and laptop 2in1?

  • Is this product going to be completely stand alone or will one of the designs with lots of accessories win out?

That being said I think the merits of V (2020) just make the most sense for a device that remains very similar to the V. If we end up with a device that brings a significantly different feel in usability and utiltiy then I like Nabla, Vector, Vertex and Vanguard. If the roadmap ends up being a more laptop-like device now and a classic 2in1 later then I absolutley think the current device should have a new name and V(xxxx) should be reserved and used for the classic 2in1.


Three names should not have made the list in my opinion due to their current use in the market.
Con: Pixel Slate.

Con: Lenovo Flex

Con: LG V series. V20, V30, V40, etc

Not such a big deal, good name, but still prominent in another tech segment.
Con: Paragon backup software


How about Vlex … Keeps the V in it :stuck_out_tongue:

V2 is absolutely no option for me as a German citizen… How could you think about this name to choose it here…
Google the word “V2” and the whole first site is full of nazi-war shit…

On the other hand I like to see straightness in product names of a brand… If we take the new eve after the fortress desaster, the latin name of spectrum is searching for an opponent…


Yeah, I guess we should search the use of a word before deciding on it. A lot of the good names are being used by other companies for their devices/software. Now that I know V2 is the name of a rocket built by the Germans in WW2, it may not be such a great idea. I thought about moving away from the V as it had problems before, like people calling it Eevee or Eve 5. If it looks looks different than the original V, it should have a different name, a better name. My top 3 are: Apex, Encore, and Vertex.

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I still would love to see this option:
Eve Atom

Description: It stands in line with Eve Spectrum, Eve Quantum and future devices. Additional the seperate parts are named on its own: PC unit will be the electron (because it powers the Device), the keyboard will be the proton (because it is such a benefit for an tablet) and the pen will be called Neutron (because it is usefull but not necessary to use the tablet).

All together is the Eve Atom! Electron + Proton + Neutron = Atom
like in the community different opinions, know-hows and likes are coming into a new product.

Pro: matches other parts of the product line, shows are “multiple-things-came-together”-mind, openes a way to really do new things with the V successor (because there is no directly comparission)

Con: perhaps mentioned in line with intels processors, more difficult marketing because of the names of diffrent parts

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New proposal: eve M. Two pyramids flipped again…

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Maybe not Apex. It’s cool but it reminds me of the game Apex Legends. So now my favorites are Encore, Momentum, and Vertex

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I think It should definitely start with the letter V. My suggestion is Vox (voice), short for vox populi, meaning voice of the people, which is what this community is all about. The others that I like are Valor, Vector, and Vertex.


And V1 was OK?


I personally like 360-style laptops, with the slate-style at a close second, and I always thought the slates look like a Greek Lambda. Not that it helps anything now that we’ve voted, but it’s interesting to me.

I liked the graphic from the Nabla idea, flipping the V on its head symbolically - graphically as well as technologically - but I understand why it wouldn’t catch the viewer’s eye.

In my opinion, “V2” and “V (2020)” seem simple, professional, and understandable at a glance, and often that’s all a name needs. While some of the others like the Vertex, Paragon, or Invictus sound flashy or embody some sort of powerful meaning, I think it’s always best to keep it simple. Flex and Delta could be solid options based on new designs, but keeping it simple usually works best. As @eldelacajita said above,

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I’d call it Voilà! In view, a humble vaudevillian veteran, cast vicariously as both victim and villain by the vicissitudes of Fate. This visage, no mere veneer of vanity, is a vestige of the vox populi , now vacant, vanished. However, this valourous visitation of a bygone vexation stands vivified, and has vowed to vanquish these venal and virulent vermin vanguarding vice and vouchsafing the violently vicious and voracious violation of volition! (carves V in sign with sword) The only verdict is vengeance; a vendetta held as a votive, not in vain, for the value and veracity of such shall one day vindicate the vigilant and the virtuous.(Laughs wheezily) Verily, this vichyssoise of verbiage veers most verbose, so let me simply add that it’s my very good honour to meet you and you may call me V.

But that’s probably trademarked, so…

Jokes apart, the names I was thinking of were already suggested, like Vector and Vertex.


how about adding Eve TwentyOne? as synonym for the 2-in-1 formfactor… additional i think that the release would be in 2021… so this also matches perfect.

That was very entertaining! Thanks! I think that’s from V for Vendetta.


Just V+ could do it :blush:

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What do you think of Eve W.L.T.A ?


to left really everybody confused I would vote for eve ve. But the proposal of V+ and V21 (twentyone) are quite reasonable after the desaster of having V2 as most liked and (nearly) most hated suggestion…
Even if the V21 (eve we-two-one) should be available in 2020… :thinking:

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