Lenovo Yoga 720

Here, so I need a new computer and because I have no shame, I thought I’d ask the community about it.
I’m interested in buying the Lenovo Yoga 720 15,6 inch. It has a lot of features that I wish to get on a laptop: pen enabled support, convertible, a big screen…
(By the way about screens, congratulation for choosing the same heigth to length ratio for the V and width as the Surface pro. I bought a HP elitebook 13" and couldn’t work on it due to the disappointing amount of height! It’s crazy how difficult it is to get something else than the 16:9 ratio for any computer or monitor)
Of course the lenovo device would be very interesting because it’s (admitedly less portable but) a more powerful device.
I was thinking about starting to try some 3d rendering with softwares like Daz3d and it looks like the perfect opportunity.
My question would be: how well would such a machine work for doing such things? I hesitate between the i5HQ/ssd256/ 8GB of RAM/Maxwell 1050 and the i7HQ/ss512/8GB of RAM/sameGPU (last configuration isn’t thre yet, but should soon be available in my country).
For the rest I like that the Lenovo is fully built in aluminum, and does last reasonably long on a charge (with settings preserving the battery).

Personally I think the convertible form factor and the 2-in-1 form factor are very different.

The convertible is more akin to an ultrabook where it just so happens that the screen can fold all the way back. The benefit is that typically these machines can pack in a higher spec. The downside though is that you can’t use it very well as a tablet because you can’t detach the keyboard and it just plains looks and feels weird with a chunky keyboard on the back. This impacts for example being able to use it for note taking or drawing where having a tablet form is much more comfortable.

If you’re not fussed about such things then, yes absolutely, I’m sure this could be a good form factor for you. I’m sure you’re doing this anyway, but check out all the reviews, esp on youtube, I love doing all that kind of research!

Final point I’d make is that the Eve V is just a way cooler brand than Lenovo or any other mainstream manufacturer could ever be. With the V, you’re also buying into a story, a movement of rebellion against the big boys, the tech enthusiasts vs the rest of the world! For that, the V has no competitors.

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Please clarify, are you talking about Yoga 720 with 13,3 inch or with 15,6 inch display (both with 16:9 ratio)?

The 13,3 inch Yoga 720 isn’t available with GTX 1050…

15,6 inch.
The 13,3 inch model just doesn’t give me enough heigth.

Someone just moved my original post to this thread even though mine wasn’t about the miix but about the yoga model.

Yep, it was moved by us community managers as we did not catch the ‘Yoga’ in the title and since we’ve had quite a bunch of Miix 720 topics recently.

Sorry about that!

On the topic:
While I don’t know about rendering, I personally feel the i5HQ should have plenty power since the main difference between those 2 configurations is the CPU and SSD-storage.

Unless you really need the extra storage, I feel the i5HQ is a better value as the i7 should not have significantly more power - but that’s just my opinion on the subject :slight_smile:


I have also looked at Lenovo Yoga 720, but to me its greatest downfall is the 16:9 ratio screen. Otherwise it’s an excellent and solid device, as the below review testifies (for i7 model):

And in short (from the notebookcheck review):


  • solid, well-built chassis
  • great keyboard
  • uniform colors
  • great maintenance/upgrade options
  • pressure-sensitive pen support wth Windows Ink
  • exceptional GPU performance
  • pleasing speakers


  • middling port selection
  • screen not suitable for outdoor use
  • CPU throttles under load (i5 may be better in this regard)
  • heavy and big to use as a tablet

You really have to first figure out what is important to you, portability or power and then work from there.

There are some guided analyses on the web that help you target the best pc for your needs, of course they always recommend a product of the vendor but it will lock down the proper form factor for you.

If you want extreme portability, the EVE is a great way to go, but if you are looking for something with gobs of power, a large screen or a bit more heft, then you have to expand your view.

Everyone will have opinions but those opinions are geared to their needs and without answering the first important question all you will get is confused.

Thanks, I’m actually really curious to know if the base configuration (i5HQ, 8GB RAM, SSD256, 4Go GPU) will be enough to do 3drenders with the purpose of making 3dcomics with DAZ3d and other softwares.