Lenovo Miix 720 (merged discussion topic)

Lenovo Miix 720 specs have been leaked, and it looks like a pretty nice little machine.

How can they make a machine with USB 2.0! We’re in 2016!
No matter how good the rest of the thing is, that is the ultimate dealbreaker for me.


Why? Does your mouse require 5Gbps? Or your printer? Or your external ODD? Or everything else except external hard drives and (new and expensive) USB sticks?

I’d rather not pay the extra money for having more than 2 USB3 ports. Because that’s the very most I imagine myself ever needing - 2 hard drives, or a hard drive and a thumb drive. I would like to hear your use case for more USB3 ports. However, I do need a lot of USB ports. They just don’t have to be as fast.

It is about the principle. The faster obsolete standards die out, the better. Personally I will not buy a product that is hindering the adoption of newer and better standards.
I know that most things don’t need the speed, but it is nice to have it once you need it. If I am to move stuff between my external HDDs on my old laptop, I have to either do it over a hellishly slow USB 2.0 connection, or put the whole thing onto the internal HDD, and then move it onto the other external HDD. Takes up to hours to completely back everything up.

That’s because you have NO usb3 ports AT ALL. There is a huge difference. Usb2 is perfectly good for lots of stuff and I don’t see a single reason to kill it. It’s definitely much better than nothing. And the CPU can’t provide enough bandwidth for an unlimited amount of USB3 ports, so it’s quite wise to use that bandwidth more effectively and add some usb2 ports instead. In this specific case, there is only one usb3 port and a tb3 port, but I guess they chose usb2 because it’s cheaper. Still, there’s nothing wrong with it. You have your usb3, and you have your useless rounded port (unless eGPU is supported). What else do you need?

Oh, and don’t forget another thing - USB 2.0 allows up to 60MB/s, which is near the top of a typical magnetic hard drive’s speed. So, you know, USB3 will only make it like 10% faster.

I have one USB 3. I should have specified that. What I meant is that it comes in over the USB 3, but goes out to the other drive through USB 2.

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Oh. Then why don’t you use a USB hub? I’ve bought one for something like $5 or even less… and there is no way two hard drives would cap out 5Gbps, hehe… I know it’s not a perfect solution, but still better than putting it inside the laptop lol.

Oh, and I still don’t understand what you have against USB2 speeds. When using a hard drive, there’s hardly a difference… There would be a massive difference if you used an external SSD, but I still haven’t seen one for sale, for some reason.

They seem to use the Transformer Pro 3 panel (or was it 12.6"). Looks “pretty nice”, which can be said about any spec sheet (yes even ours) but I suspect the thing doesn’t live up to par. Maybe it can. It would be the first time Miix series actually does it.

I’m especially skeptical about the battery life


Battery life will certainly be a problem. Good to see more people jumping on this form factor. The pen technology in this one could be very good. This is exactly what Microsoft wanted to happen when it released it’s Surface line. More manufacturers getting on the bandwagon with innovative devices.


Several days ago there was some leaked news about Lenovo’s new 2in1 device MIIX 720. Now it is launched in China under the name of MIIX 5 Pro. The hardware spec looks very attractive:
Kaby Lake I-Series CPU, DDR4 Memory, and PCI-E SSD: I5 7200U / 8G/256G or I5 7500U/8G/512G
12.2 inch screen 2880x1920, 400cd/m2 , Gorilla glass
Kickstand with Yoga like hinge
41Wh battery
1USB 3.0, 1USB 3.1 typc C, 1 USB 2.0
Micro SD slot
Backlight type cover
4096 pressure level Wacom pen
Iris scanner with Windows Hello support
Doby stereo speaker

And the price is RMB 6999, about $1050

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I never really understood why they included a USB 2.0 port rather than another USB-C port or even another USB-A 3.0 port. Just seems like going backwards.


Should be the consideration of compatibility. As I know the old Windows can’t boot and install from USB3 port. But I totally agree Lenovo should remove the USB 2 port.

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on the official product page it actually states that the USB type C port support TB3

Oh I missed that, so now MIIX 5 Pro is the best Kaby Lake 2in1 we can get, at least for now .

But a higher clocked/TDP CPU with fan cooling, standard version DDR4 instead of low power version RAM and a 15% smaller battery (41wh vs 48wh) may significantly reduce the battery life.

Still, Miix 5 pro is a very attractive device and the it is very compatible against Eve V

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It’s also just weigh 780g, how did they do that :joy:

Also the tax for computer (desktop, laptop, tablet) is 15% in China, so price without tax would be around 910 USD

guys until we are gonna get ours in 3 months more 2in1 devices will show up. some of them are gonna be very very competitive. spec wise and price wise. i told it from the beginning, the V is not cheap considering the period it’s coming out. from tomorrow starts black Friday. you never know what you gonna get

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when i bought the i5 eve V at first i was… ok its not that great of a price, thought about it for a few minutes, saw the available units getting less and less on the indigogo page and thought to my self, what the hell buy it.
if you could buy the V regularly and had time to think…thinks would be different