Lengthy article and interview with Konstantinos



I like this part the most. Maybe Nadella is one of the lucky 500? :wink:

We have been in touch with one of their Vice Presidents and Satya Nadella wants to get a unit, so now we are preparing one for him.

And the part about the screen is very informative and promising:

we were able to persuade one of the top tier vendors to provide the display we wanted

Can you tell which vendor will provide the screen?

I believe its been mentioned as an IGZO display, which would be a Sharp LCD, I believe.

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Short googling brought this up:

IGZO-TFT and its applications are patented by JST. They have been licensed to Samsung Electronics (in 2011) and Sharp (in 2012).

So the open question is: Will it be Sharp or Samsung?

To me it seems like the same panel as SP4, just an updated revision. Because they are really close and the differences are quite minor… I think I’ve also seen somewhere that SP4 has IGZO too, although it wasn’t advertised

The display is slightly larger though, right? Isn’t the V’s footprint larger?

The screen is the same size, the footprint is larger because the V has larger bezels.


they moved the url to…Eve V: The Story of the Crowd-Developed Surface Pro 4 Killer from Finland - WinBuzzer

Sorry for that - there was an issue with the redirection. It is fixed now and both urls work fine now.

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