Learning how to use Windows in tablet mode

The V is the first Windows device I have that has the tablet mode and a pen. I feel unsure how to use it in this mode, with keyboard detached. What would be the best source to learn that quickly? I know I can Google that, but maybe you know something like a short YT clip showing all the gestures & tricks esp. related to the touch interface and the pen?


I know this will scare a lot of people who aren’t familiar with technology, but I always tell people the best way to learn a new OS or program is just to start pressing buttons and see what happens.

If there’s a specific action you want to find out how to do, google it like you said.


+1, i’d like to see this too!

The problem is I might not even known such action is possible.

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What about using the V, ‘how to’ questions will pop up for sure :blush: :hugs:

recommend this for you. It shows the most important moves to use tablet mode (but not with pen…):


this could be something for @Patrick_Hermawan … a nice Windows10 tablet mode with pen review… Or are you stuck in Windows 8.1 forever???

When i have used my Eve in tablet mode the keyboard attached the on screen keyboard does not pop up to type. You may seem this is strange but i was at a Microsoft store and i asked about using it on my lap and he said fold the keyboard backwards and rest the kickstand on the back of the keyboard. In this position the keyboard was disabled and the onscreen keyboard popped up.

ok here I am with questions.

In Tablet Mode:
HOW do you highlight certain portions in a text and copy and paste it.
on the Internet: “I just touch and drag across the letters I want highlighted.”
haha does not work. When I touch something then it wants to drag the whole window or something. But not text. It’s awkward.

Tap the text. Then it should be highlighted with handles on both sides of the text and then you can drag the handles.