LB EVE, some thoughts for improvement

I’m almost sure these issues were noticed, but my intention is to highlight them more by saying twice the same thing :slight_smile: . If eve wants to compete with the surface, I think every single idea for improvement is welcome.

  1. Annoying stuff: the resolution of programs. Almost no software works with the kind of resolution eve has (except microsoft office). All other programs have such a resolution that you have to literally go 5 cm away from the screen to read what’s there. Not sure what the solution to this would be. I imagine surface has the same problem.
  2. The kickstand is too flimsy for a premium. You notice this just when you take v for close inspection and just move the kickstand slightly 2 mm up and down. This doesn’t affect the functioning of the device (i.e. you can use the v for whatever, it works fine), but comparing with the hinge of surface which is very stiff and stable (I did try it though I don’t own a surface), the v’s hinge looses to competition in my opinion. It’s not a deal breaker, but why not be the best :smiley:
  3. The screen has some white spots down the screen (I have only two). This was noticed by many people. Mine has the same issue. You notice it just when the screen is black (i.e. screen is on, but it’s black); when you have colors these spots don’t appear. Personally, I noticed this when I was watching a movie because the resolution of the movie wasn’t big enough to fill the entire screen (which, btw, will be the case 99% of the time). On those bottom portions of the screen where it was black I saw these spots that “flowed” from the bottom of the screen. Again, not a deal breaker, but why not be better? :slight_smile: I imagine this issue has to be discussed with the guys that make the screens. Not sure why this happens.

All that being said, I don’t want to leave the impression that I’m too critical on the project. It’s an amazing product, for sure. Also, I appreciated the gifts, the package, the extra pen nibs, the keyboard (which is really great), the overall speed of the device. The v really feels like a premium. I’ll definitely continue to support the project. I hope there will be some options in the future that will allow me to exchange the old device with a new one at a discount. This would save the planet (by recycling the old materials), save some money for the user and create a category of some very committed v users (which is good for the branding and the long term survival of the company).

Keep up the good work guys!


Yes, that is just Windows and it’s bad scaling of apps and UI. MS would need to be the one fix this. This happens with every Windows pc that has a high resolution screen

That is called lightbleed which happens on pretty much every display (unless it’s a professional display which would cost like thousand bucks easily). It’s just a “variation” in the display and it’s techonology. But still compared to other screens that little bleed is far more subtle than some other screens. Of course there are screens that don’t display this but getting one would be major major luck. As good as the Sharp screen is, it has it’s tiny display tech problems like almost everybody else :slight_smile:


I so hate windows scaling >.> How come that windows just can’t seem to fix it. Yet every other operating system can. Text also becomes blurry with scaling in my experience. Don’t even try to put windows on a Retina MacBook. I meassured the bottom bar. On my 15" screen, the startbar was 4mm high!

As for the lightbleed. I don’t have that much experience with smaller screens. (Atleast smaller then 15"). Rest assured OP, even my €2000 - €3000,- laptops have it in some degree. Including My MacBook :slight_smile:
But there has to be some line where it’s to much to be acceptable? I don’t know if the OP is closing in on that line but it’s something to consider I think.

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Yep, windows has been so bad in this and still is. Microsoft just cant seem the be able to fix or make it work right. I miss my macOS so much…atleast it can support wide range of resolutions.

I think he means the white pixels that don’t disappear when the task bar is hiding. One row of pixels stay at the display, two of them are white…

And bright, don’t forget bright. That thing is the illuminates with the best.

Display scaling is actually a problem for both the app developer and Microsoft to deal with. There’s a blog post that goes in depth on improvements and methods that Microsoft is trying to implement: Display Scaling changes for the Windows 10 Anniversary Update | Microsoft Docs

And they’re still working on it:

Basically, apps built for OSX are heavily regulated and held to strict guidelines by Apple, so they need to be built to meet Apple’s hardware specs. Microsoft is leaving the door open for legacy applications as much as it can, and this means older applications don’t always cooperate with newer hardware. Microsoft can only do so much to eliminate the blurriness of applications.

The best recommendation is to use the latest version of Windows, and the latest version of whatever apps you use. This way the latest display scaling solution will always be used and your apps will look the best.

As for the MacBook display with Windows 10… I’d guess the display scale isn’t properly passing through to windows through whatever software you’re using to run Windows on a Mac.


Exactly. @eldelacajita tried to work this out a bit to give suggestions for scaling factors that won’t result in blur. Perhaps this (old) thread will be a helpful read. He provides some suggestions that might be worth your time to try. First he has suggestions for changing the screen resolution and NOT using UI scaling. And second, he gives suggestions for keeping the screen resolution and changing UI scaling.


I know that windows supports legacy programs not build with a display bigger then 400x300 in mind. But Mac does that as well, if you disregard the App Store (and most do).
But the fact that most apps in windows still have blurry text (including Microsoft’s own apps!) is not acceptable in my opinion.

When I had windows trough bootcamp on my retina macbook, the scaling did make it sort-of usable. But fullscreen apps hitboxes were WAY off. Again, I know that it’s also an issue from the developers. But how is that different from Mac? Developers need to stay on top of their game there as well. Maybe the incentive is higher, but I think it’s a good thing that Apple pushes developers to actually work with their scaling. Even if it’s only 2x something normal.

This could be because the Mac isn’t really designed to run windows properly, and the graphics driver couldn’t handle the retina screen very well.

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The only time i’ve had that happen is when i accidentally switched to 100% scaling. The flip side being if you’ve got amazing eyesight, that’s a ducking huge workspace on a 12" device.

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