Lazy Nezumi compatibility?

I am waiting to purchase the v, but one essential feature is support for lazy mouse software such as lazy Nezumi.
I tried it on an asus transformer 3 pro and support was really sketchy, working perfectly on Photoshop but not in paint / one note / any other app that is pressure sensitive

If you have an eve, could you please install the trial and test it in paint or onenote for me?

Just open lazy Nezumi, open paint and in lazy Nezumi select the “hook window” option.

It doesn’t work with metro apps but that is a known issue.

If you know of any other such software, let me know!

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Support of lazy Nezumi has more to do with wich API the app uses than the device itself. I have tried it on a Transformer 3 and it works correctly so long as you have all updated to the latest version. (booth the app and Win 10)

There are two major ways that Window pointing events from HID devices can be caught before being sent to the program: Windows System Stylus API or Window Hook Rendering API

Old versions of the software only worked with apps that used the Hook API, so apps like one note, windows ink, photoshop CC, did not work, the latest one also supports the Stylus one so that is no longer the case.

That said, depending on the API used the rendering fluidity varies, and I like the old one over the stylus API among other things because the programs that use it have optimized the rendering for it for longer, and you can feel the additionnal lag.


Really? It works on your transformer 3? For me it works only in photoshop, and no other programs that can read pressure…

This is the only thing holding me back from the V, because I know for a fact that it works on the surface


Check what happens on the Transformer 3 Pro (I have one at work)… this was drawn with the free FireAlpaca. If you have an eve you can download the program and the trial version of Lazy Nezumi… I’d appreciate it if you could check!

I have a Lazy Nezumi licence and I plan to test it when I get my HEB tablet really soon.

From what I remember, it worked for me on my old surface pro on programs other than photoshop

Looks like a great tool to boost drawing performance and productivity.

Oh!, That did happen to me with another Tablet. The pen pressure sensor was defective/broken had to change it inside the warranty period. try to repeat it using lots of pressure instead of doing it lightly. It might be that the Initial pressure levels are not actually registering properly or all the time.

Oh it’s not defective, everything works perfectly. It just doesn’t get captured by lazy Nezumi… it is supposed to look like the drawing on the left, but it just bypasses lazy Nezumi and lets me draw freehand (though you can see lazy Nezumi trying to recapture it)

If I don’t use Nezumi, I can draw perfectly (except I am horrible at drawing)

So, did anyone test lazy nezumi yet? I was disappointed it didn’t work with powerpoint (ink tab)… I guess I’ll have to learn to live with it, but would be nice to know whether it works in the V