Late Intro - I just started talking! Scotty (NYC -> London)

Hey all,

I have just stumbled on this page while looking into updates for our beloved V. My name is Scott.

I grew up in NJ, went to NYU, stayed in Manhattan for a while, moved to London for another degree. Stayed in Europe.

Now I work as an IT consultant for a major firm, and I work for a client in Switzerland. I commute back and forth every week by plane.

So basically I am a very mobile tech nerd. You can imagine why I am attracted to the V.

You will find me stalking most of the threads about graphics. I know most top tear ultraportables will do the jobs I ask for work, but I dream of a scenario where I have an hour to spare where I can sneak in a AAA game session. That HP Spectre x2 tempts me, as I refuse to pack an eGPU, but I am holding strong waiting for the Eve V to come out.

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Welcome to the community!

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The force is strong in this one :smile:

Thanks a lot for joining! Happy to have you here!


Another one! Welcome to the community… One of us… One of us…

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I understood that reference

Hahaha. I clicked the box that gave up my free will in the EULA I guess. Happy to be part of the borg, in a smal part at least.