Last Windows Update

Last Windows Update pretty much wrecked my battery life. Getting like 4 hours on Battery Saver mode and with Darker screen setting. Has anyone had a similar issue?

Your battery settings are they still the same as before the update?

Yup! Upon further investigation, it may be the last Chrome update. Edge is giving me comparable battery life to before. The last windows update did mess with the animations though. But that’s a really small cosmetic issue.

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Edge as I stated in a previous post months ago, has been optimized with gpu processing and so use less battery. So if you need your battery life you should always use it.

In comparaison, if you use chrome or Firefox with some extensions that protect your privacy for example, open 30 tabs on different website, let I run over night and with a disk diagnostic tool you will see that it has written 5 or 10 or more GB on the ssd which edge strangely does not so there is that.


5 or 10 GB??!! Damn! What the hell is it doing? Anyways, I’m back to using Chrome and I’m getting reasonable battery life again. May have been a one and done type of situation. But I may switch after this startling information

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Specifics tabs seems to write and rewrite a lot of data but not a virus not a malware. I think it’s some adobe or script which is the cause here