Larger Eve V - Eve V+ maybe?

The Eve V is a very high powered device and as such would appeal greatly to graphics designers/photographers. However, the screen is a major limitation and as such, holds the device back and limits its true potential. The small screen size means the device is impractical for many uses/applications such as multitasking in windows, or simply using applications like unity which require a large screen. Would we ever make another Eve V with a bigger screen, maybe a bigger battery and more ports to accompany it?


How is 12 inches a small screen size for a tablet?!?

Unless you’re talking about making a specialty product similar to Surface Studio or All-in-One PCs like the HP Sprout. I personally feel that 12 inches is almost unwieldy for a tablet, and that 10 or less is generally about the right size, but then again these kind of tablets are meant to be laptop/desktop replacements.

I’m trying to understand what you’re thinking of designing.

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I’m still hyped about the V and can’t wait to hold it in my hands, so i’m spending my time with ideas/whishes what i woul like to see in Future from Eve.

And i would like to have a larger device from Eve let’s call it as you did V+
The concept of the V+ should be an Desktop replacement like Surface Studio.

That would IMO perfectly extend the product Lineup
V - focus on Mobility
V+ - focus on Performance

@Ben_Lamont just another V with focus on mobility but bigger Screen wouldn’t make Sense IMO, even when i know there are ppl who need a powerfull Mobile device, but i think the V covers most applications you need on a 2in1 device


I was thinking maybe 15/17 inch screens. Maybe sell it as more of a 2-in-1 laptop/tablet combo. IMO the larger screen would be a great feature, especially for graphic designers, etc. who use the large screen, as well as the other features that the device has (like the CPU,RAM,SSD,Touchscreen,etc.).

Similar to the dell inspiron 2-in-1s. See here: Shop: Dell Site Map of All Products, Solutions & Services | Dell USA


External screen seem the obvious answer here - most designers would use them anyway?


Yes, but I was thinking more for people like students, who would work in various locations and so can’t really carry around a monitor, but can carry a bigger tablet-cross-laptop


@Ben_Lamont & @SteveYork You ever seen something like this? I read about it months ago.


It is crazy to think no companies tought about this…

You are mistaking yourself, Eve is not censed to be a Tablet, it is more censed to be a computer able to operate in a tablet mode. The ipad pro is a tablet for example and yes 12 inches is little.

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If they do not understand this it would be “Microsoft like” typical retard response :smiley:

The perfect exemple is for designers :
Yes they want detachable screen to draw accuratly and yes they want big screen to have a general view.
And at the end they do not want to feel stucked in a tablet environnement to save their work.

Eve is sensed to be the company making the V 2in1 tablet.

They asked the community for almost every spec of the V (including the name V).
Most of the members voted for 12".


Ok i didn’t know this, it is … sad.
Cause between a laptop and a tablet, a laptop will be in any cases more versatile.
They also could have launched multiple sized models.

We went for the “mobile first” approach with long battery life and smaller dimensions.
Please have a look at other threats. There are some about the next device by eve.
I recommend the search function.
You are very welcome to share your thoughts there and help make the next device the best in it’s category.


@andybotty might want to rephrase, I don’t think we have many “threats” on the community :laughing:


Actually, I’d argue the V is more a tablet than a PC. If you want PC power, your going to go buy a desktop with a stronger processor.

The purpose of the V is to be portable, hence it is more tablet.

And yes, 12-inches is WAAY too big for the kind of tablet I was referencing.

By the way, that post was from almost a year ago.

So a post that has one year is consumed WTF :sweat_smile:
I explained with “designer” example why you need a laptop/tablet with big screen i’ve nothing more to add.
If you want to play candy-crush and send emails ok with your 10 or 12 inches screen but 14 inches is really the minimum for descent professional work.
After i understand if the “community” wanted more a tablet than a laptop but it just disappoints me about people first preoccupations.


Hello every one,

I really enjoy the fact Eve take in account point of views of people, this is a new step to create better technology to my mind.

The specs of the Eve are great but there is a tremendous problem here: the size of the screen.
12 inches is not serious for big work, here are few situations:

  1. I’m working in thesis and i need to write in a software my math rapport (latex language) but i have a doubt about a demonstration and need to do a calculus in an other app (Nebo for instance). I would like to split the screen to keep an eye on my digital-handwritten calculus. Obviously, i do not want to feel tighten and frustrated by the lack of space of the screen and keep accuracy.
    A really good point is that claviature can detache letting me freedom between handwritting and claviatiure typing.

  2. I’m working on a music piece that i need to transcribe and need to have both recording application and music writing app opened together.

I personally think that you will find a big market by suggesting optionnal size for the eve V and would definitly beat the surface on every aspects.

Regards, Paul Lanthier Phd student in maths and music student

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Hi and welcome to the community!
There have been a few threads already about a bigger variant for the V, maybe have a look at them :wink:

As a workaround you could use a virtual desktop for each app and switch between then via touch-gesture.

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Hi, thank you for your quick response.

I read already with lot of interest the topic edited by “M. Lamont” about bigger screen, and commentated.
could you send me an example of a virtual desktop that would help me to visualize the result?
Still i am a bit pessimistic because the real pleasure is to have a lot in one device and to not use always an exterior solution… (Without WIFI, like in a train, in a plane etc…) .

Is it technically possible one 15,6 inches eve?