Laptop connected with hdmi makes computer crash if i turn HDR on

Hello I have an asus tuf dash f15 and when i try to change display settings and put on hdr it makes my computer crash all the time and could use some help pointing me to the right direction towards getting some help.

I currently have windows 11 and using a hdmi 2.1 wire. I tried comparibality mode but it still didnt work for port 1.

It works perfectly fine when i use my usb -c to display port cord so i dunno whats up with the hdmi. Thanks in advance!

There’s a few things you can try that might help here.

  1. Make sure your BIOS is up to date. The latest updates are from either October or December (depending on your exact laptop model).
  2. Make sure all of the drivers are up to date.
  3. Try downloading the latest display driver direct from the Nvidia site, rather than using the Asus driver. The latest one available from Asus is dated early December.

I went on some other forums while waiting for this to get posted and rhey helprd me solve the resoloution issue. Now I just crash when turning HDR on with hdmi.

Picture below from the person thats trying to help me


Given that you’re running a beta version of Windows 11, it’s possible that’s the cause. It’s known that beta builds can have all sorts of instabilities. (I assume that you’re on the Windows Insider program and aren’t just running a pre-release version of Windows 11.)

It could also be driver related. Which graphics driver have you been installing? Is it the official Asus driver from early December (496.49), or is it the latest driver from Nvidia (511.79)?

If you’re using the Nvidia driver, try switching to the Asus driver. Laptop manufacturers can tweak drivers to make them work better with their hardware, and it’s possible there’s an Asus tweak needed to avoid the HDR crash.

If you’re using the Asus driver, try switching to the Nvidia driver. It’s possible that something in the Windows 11 beta has changed, and a newer driver is needed to make things work.

If the Nvidia driver refuses to install and you’re required to use the Asus driver, you may need to revert to the latest release build of Windows 11. As noted above, you often need new drivers to work around beta issues and laptop makers are typically slow to update their official drivers.

Thanks for the advice. I’m currently using the latest nvidia graphics, but I’ll try the asus one when i get home, and if that dont work do a fresh install of windows 11 and see what happens.