KVM Switch option

Hi all,

I’m trying to make the KVM switch work as described here:

" Does Spectrum have a Keyboard/Video/Mouse (KVM) switch feature?

To drive the built-in USB ports, users can choose either the USB-B or a USB-C port for the upstream connection to the computer, and choose which of the two is active from the OSD menu. We didn’t plan on it, but with this option to choose, we’ve effectively built a KVM switch into the monitor."

But I can’t seem to make it work. I don’t see the Upstream option in the OSD menu and the USB inputs won’t power my keyboard or mouse.

To put it in perspective, I have a laptop hooked up via USB C and a PC using HDMI and I want to use my mouse and keyboard without having to change cables.

So just to gather a bit more information regarding this,

Keyboard and mouse is for the PC correct? Is the PC connected to the monitor via USB also? ( USB-B, bottom, not side)

Keyboard and mouse are for both Chromebooks and PC. The PC is only connected via HDMI, the Chromebook is connected via USB C on the bottom.

So alongside the HDMI connection you would also need USB-B connection see photo


Thanks, so if I use the USB B cable from the monitor to the PC, the keyboard and mouse should also function on the Chromebook when the PC is off?

Based on what I’m reading here, I would think yes, your keyboard and mouse should have no issues with the the Chromebook if the PC is off. I’m in a similar situation as yours, so I’ll definitely need to test it out soon enough.

I’m also doing something similar. My Spectrum acts as a second screen for both my work laptop and my personal gaming laptop. My mouse and keyboard are plugged into the Spectrum’s left-side USB ports.

My work laptop is a MacBook, so I’m able to use a single USB-C cable for both display output and USB hub connectivity.

My gaming laptop is slightly older and I’ve got an external GPU case. I’m using a DisplayPort connection between the eGPU and the Spectrum, and a USB-B cable for USB hub connectivity.

I don’t have space on my desk for both laptops to be plugged in at the same time. I have to do some cable swaps between the work laptop (USB-C, camera) and the gaming laptop (power, USB-B to Spectrum, eGPU, USB headset). But I can keep the Spectrum’s display input on auto and USB hub source on auto, and the mouse and keyboard just work on whatever computer is currently hooked up.