KVM switch on Spectrum?

Not sure if this is the best thread to ask the question…

What would be a good KVM solution for me to share Eve Spectrum between my desktop and laptop, using an iPad via Duet display as a second screen?

Laptop: HP Elitebook 840 Gen6; single USB C/thunderbolt with charging, 2x USB A 3.1 Gen 1, HDMI 1.4b. I would not use the laptop’s screen, keyboard, or trackpad.

Desktop: USB 3.2 / 3.1 Gen 2, DisplayPort 2 (Nvidia Titan Xp)

I use a Logitech MX Master bluetooth mouse which can switch between hosts. I have a Cherry mechanical keyboard and the iPad needs power as well as data. So I currently use a powered 3.1 Gen 1 hub, as my shitty Dell monitor can’t do the job.

Ideally I would like an easy way to switch between laptop and desktop, will that be possible with just Spectrum & OSD or do I need to look at KVM devices? The ideal would be just using USB-C to the laptop, but I don’t mind running an HDMI cable too. I just don’t want to be touching cables at the monitor end or the desktop end to switch between them.


I could be wrong, but you may not need a KVM device? The spectrum as 2x hdmi ports, Displayport, USB C etc. Could it not just be as simple as changing let’s say from display port to the HDMI source?

I could be miss understanding the question.


Spectrum has a built-in manual KVM switch.

Based on your intro, I imagine that your current setup is like the following:

  • The iPad is plugged into the USB hub (Lightning to USB-A or USB-C),
    The keyboard is plugged into the USB hub (USB-A or USB-C),
    The PC is connected to your monitor via DP,
    The laptop is connected to your monitor via USB-C,
    You manually switch the monitor’s video input source and plug-in the USB hub to the device you are using.

If you have a Spectrum:

  • The iPad is plugged into Spectrum (Lightning to USB-A or USB-C),
    The keyboard is plugged into Spectrum (USB-A or USB-C, please note that for this setup, there is only one USB-C port available for either the iPad or the keyboard),
    The PC is connected to Spectrum via DP and USB-B simultaneously,
    The laptop is connected to Spectrum via USB-C,
    You manually switch Spectrum’s video input source and data upstream connection to the device you are using.

Perfect, so just 2 changes on the OSD!

I will keep the powered hub as it’s useful to have easily accessible ports, and each port is switched which is nice.


Just be aware that some of these Hubs may not have the same specs as the monitor ports. For example my current setup for my PS5. I have an HMDI audio splitter. That will split the audio from HDMI so that i am able to output audio to digital for my headset dongle.

If i use this method for the Spectrum, I will not get optimal performance, because the splitter does not have HDMI 2.1.

My solution to this will be using an aux cable to the headset from the monitor to output game audio to the headset, and the USB dongle plugged into the PS5 for the chat audio. This allows manual volume control with my headset for both game, and chat.


Please help.

The keyboard is plugged into Spectrum (USB-A)
iPad is plugged into Spectrum.
-(Lightning to USB-C(Left side port)), hub source USB C,
–USB A Keyboard NOT working.
PC is connected to Spectrum via DP and USB-B simultaneously, hub source USB B, --USB A Keyboard working.
The laptop is connected to Spectrum via USB-C (bottom port), hub source USB C,
–USB A Keyboard NOT working.

Out of curiosity, why don’t you just plug your headphones into the PS5 controller and use the built in mixing for chat/game sounds?

Does it output at lower quality or something?


The type of headset I have can offer more features if using an optical port. It basically splits the chat audio from the game audio, and has 2 separate audio controls. Since using the Spectrum I just use the USB transmitter for my headset (connected to PS5), and do not connect it to optical (Do not have an HDMI 2.1 audio splitter). This doesn’t split the audio, but the sound is okay (Definitely a difference in sound quality though).


What have you got set as the USB input source one the OSD?

By default it’s set to USB-B. You’ll probably want to set it to Auto, which will use use the bottom USB-C port for USB if it’s also the video input, or the USB-B pretty for all other video sources.

Note that the left side USB-C port cannot be used to connect an upstream device. It’s only able to be used for peripherals.

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Yes May I please introduce you to look into the Schiit Hel 2 for your PS5.

Trust me- you are getting lossy audio unless it’s coming directly from the front USB port on the Ps5.

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I may have to try my USB-DAC I purchased a while back. I didn’t end up using, because it didn’t split the audio how I would like.

Hi NZgeek,

I set input to USB C then auto, keyboard will not work with USB C input, only USB B working.
I using bottom USB C to charge laptop, but hub not working for keyboard.

That’s definitely unusual. I’m unsure why the keyboard wouldn’t be working.

I currently have a mouse connected to the Spectrum, and I’m using that with a MacBook connected via the USB-C port. It’s working as expected.

I haven’t got anything connected via the USB-B port yet, but will try that today. I’ll see if I can get the mouse working properly when I switch video input between DP (Windows) and USB-C (Mac).

I’ve also got a keyboard arriving in the near future that I intend to share between the two computers, so I’ll test that when it arrives.

There’s one thing to check in the meantime. When you change the input source, if you choose the OSD and go back into it, has the change stuck or has it reverted?

I had trouble at first because I was pressing down on the stick to select the input option, the same as what you do to bring up the OSD, but this just closed the OSD without changing the selection. You have to hit right on the stick to select the value. The OSD should stay open after doing this.

I also want to know why not use headphone in Ps5 controller?

I have a wireless headset. I have used wired headsets in the past, but with heavy use they inevitably break. I can use an auxiliary cable to connect the headset to the controller, but I still don’t gain access to the features of the headset. I feel the sound quality is of much higher quality when the USB transmitter is connected to an optical port, but I also gain access to the must have feature of the audio controls for both game, and chat audio.

I’m not sure if perhaps I’m misunderstanding you. Apologies if I’m reading it wrong.

But the USB-A inputs and the left side USB-C are all downstream connections. You could plug in a USB-C keyboard on the left side USB-C. You will not get keyboard signals out of your left side USB-C from a keyboard plugged into a USB-A port.

The bottom USB-C port is the upstream where all of the other downstream signals get routed to. If you have your keyboard on a USB-A plug, the connection to your computer needs to go through the bottom USB-C port.

Hi jpetso,

I understand what you wrote.
I am setting it up correctly, the USB C downstream can charge my devices but cannot access the devices plugged in on the left side USB(s).

Have you got the USB hub source setting correct on the Spectrum? It defaults to the USB-B port for upstream and you need to manually set it to the USB-C port (or auto).

One thing to note with the auto setting is that it doesn’t update when you change video inputs on the Spectrum. You need to either power cycle the Spectrum or re-select auto mode in the menu for it to pick up that the USB input has changed. Hopefully this can be fixed on a future firmware update.

I have the same setup except im using Astros A40 with Mixamp. Since the HDMI splitter is not 2.1, anytime I play games at 120, the resolution switches to 1080p. I can get rid of the splitter and plug directly and get for 4K 120 and just plug Astros into controller but then I lose my mixamp which has DTS Dolby features, etc.

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So I went to a local store and purchased two different cables and I still cannot get usb-c working for some reason on to my laptop.

Here is explanation how I’ve attached everything:

This cable connected from Spectrum to my home pc and therefore my mouse + keyboard connected to spectrum

DP connected from spectrum to home pc GPU

in order to be able to run my laptop along with my home pc on spectrum. Keeps saying malfunction…

Any ideas? Currently in my ES07D03 firmware version is 104 so that is the latest…

€: Ok I’ve been stupid and I had wrong USB-C port hooked up in Spectrum. Now I got the picture coming through from my laptop when I’m changing input source to USB-C, but I cannot get the mouse+keyboard working. They still seem to live in my home PC? So how should I properly use KVM lol idk