Korean, is in ROAD

Hello, it is High school student in Korea. If I wrong with some syntax or word spelling, please don’t blame it.

I’m using SP1 as workbook but it is going to die. So I want refurbish but failed because referbishing cashes as 730 USD. Then I find some new(reason that’s too expensive and in MAY that’s just 360USD, I don’t know wht they do like this.) 2in1 tablet. And I find it. I’m waiting it.

PS. why don’t you pick i5-7360U Processor or i7-7560U Processor? it has good graphic then core Ms


Because the y is less energy consuming and could be cooled complete passively. If you look at some tests the passive cooling in the new i5 SP is horrible.

then EVE can take only Y processors or snapdragon?

Snapdragon has nothing to do with EVE of with Windows at this moment.

V will ship with You class CPUs and that will not change


Snapdragon is a risk architecture, Eve needs a x86 for Windows.

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Then how do you think about Gen .2 ? it can be snapdragon?

I know some stability issues, but snap is really sweet with battery time.

And you could not use it with Windows. You could not install android on a pc either. Because both of them could not interact with the cpu of the other system.

I know intel or AMD is on x86 and snap is on another architecture. But MS says I will make Windows work on snapD. so i’m waithing.

AFAIK they said they will do an interpreter for Windows, that means it will always run better on the Intel and amd architecture.

AFAIK?.. I don’t know what it means…OK thank you for your advise.

As Far As I Know - AFAIK