Konstantinos from Eve

Hi guys I am Konsta! More to come soon:)


I’m Din a.k.a Din from Singapore :slight_smile:

Hi! Amazing to have you here!

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I am Parth from India. Lovely to see such a community. Cheers!

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Whilst we’re waiting for displays, who else thinks Konsta should tell us a bit more about himself? We could get an introduction to cat-keeping, cooking tips with sriracha sauce, and other fun things!


Cats are an extremely important topic in its own right :blush:

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Let’s do a cooking video!

Yeah but only with stress test on the V! :rofl:

I’m sure fun videos are loading @Konstantinos :wink:

Hey, my name is Mehmet, greetings from Frankfurt am Main, I hope I can support the Eve project frome here :0

Bump is really needed here

Eyxaristo poli… Na eisai kala… Thank you very much always well

Please keep to english in this forum.


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Hello Konsta! Can you please give me a mail of yours or your one of your colleagues to contact you for business matter.