Kind of ELMB feature ?


I plan to buy an EVE monitor, but I am wondering if we can enable g-sync and backlight strobing together so they are sync ? ( like ELMB sync ).

For example, my game is running at 72 fps, the monitor refresh rate should be 72 hz, and strobe frequency 72 aswell, If I correctly understand ELMB.
Refresh rate and strobe frequency do change seamlessly, am I correct ?

Thank you !

It isn’t finished but chances are good that this feature will be implement.

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Thank you very much for your quick reply.
Is my understanding of this functionality correct ?

Thanks !

Im no Professional about VRR in general, but as far as I understand:
FPS = Hz is correct.
I think the strobing speed is calculated, so it changes on the supported Refresh-Band, I don’t know if 72Hz=72FPS=72 „strobing“ but I doubt it :grin:
The strobe tuning will be done by Blur Buster, if this interests you, you should look at their forum, the Know-How articles are very well written.

The goal is to have framerate=refreshrate=stroberate, yes. And with some settings tweakable (via Strobe Utility) for your preference — even all the way down to 50 Hz, so if you want single strobe capability through the entire VRR range, 72fps 72Hz VRR, it will be part of the strobed VRR implementation.

Be noted that LFC logic (repeat-refresh logic for low frame rates), which can cause double strobing artifacts. So if framerate goes too low for too long, this can create strobe rate divergences beyond the monitor’s control as FreeSync LFC is controlled by the drivers.

However, as long as you keep your game frame rates consistently above LFC ranges, the iintent is to get single strobe VRR capability

Keep an eye on update notes in that thread to stay up to date on the VRR strobing firmwares.

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