Keyboard scroll incorrect on bluetooth

I have been trying to figure out why the 2 finger scrolling gesture on the touchpad doesn’t behave as it should when using it on bluetooth.

The default setting in windows is 2 fingers “down motion scrolls up”, but I changed this in settings to “down motion scrolls down”. Everything works correctly when attached in laptop configuration but when I remove it and connect via bluetooth, it behaves as though it is still “down motion scrolls up” even though it still says “down motion scrolls down” in the settings.

I have searched for this topic, and couldn’t find anything (though my terminology may have been different). I have read all the keyboard (keybaord) instructions that I found, but saw no mention of this.

I ran into this when I first got my V as well. The answer is that inverted scrolling is not supported in BT mode.


imo the bluetooth usage of the keyboard is just bad :(. scrolling won’t work properly, sometimes clicks just happen even though i’m scrolling, the scrolling speed is very different compared to how it works wired… (i can continue, but i hope you get the gist)


I suggest you have a look at EitherMouse. It allows you to set different configuratios for your pointing devices separately – a set of settings for use when attached and a different one for when using via bluetooth.