Keyboard replacement and shipment, wanna bet?

Hi there,

My keyboard (First Gen Eve V) stopped working a few months after I got it.

I finally had to buy another one, and below is may conversation with support regarding shipment.

Definitely Eve has lost me. I don’t expect them being super great, I just would like them to tell me the truth.

Any ideas about what could be happening? Am I ever gonna get the keyboard. Anyone wants to bet?


X - Eve Customer Support Agent (Eve Distribution Limited)**

Oct 8, 2021, 15:18 GMT+3

Hi Nacho,

I am sorry it hasn’t been shipped on time. I have just shipped it. I will keep you informed about the tracking number.

Best regards,
X, Eve Devices Customer Support

X- Eve Customer Support Agent (Eve Distribution Limited)

Oct 30, 2021, 21:37 GMT+3

Hi Nacho,

We’re getting ready to ship all open express orders within the next two weeks. There were some supply and logistics issues that are now finally resolved. We apologize for this delay.

X, Eve Devices Customer Support

X - Eve Customer Support Agent (Eve Distribution Limited)

Nov 17, 2021, 13:45 GMT+2

Hi ,

Thank you for contacting our support team.

The order will be sent by the end of this month.

Let me know if I can be of further assistance.

Best regards,
X, Eve Devices Customer Support


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Unfortunately, even if you do receive your replacement keyboard, I would expect that it will come with the same Eve warranty as your original V & keyboard, i.e. none. And given they don’t seem to be that reliable, it might not be worth it. Also, if you have a non-US keyboard, I don’t know whether they are offering the same keyboard layout, or only a US one.

You may want to cancel your order (with a credit card chargeback) and look into alternative keyboards, such as the Brydge, or just a standard portable bluetooth keyboard. Alternatively, you could ask @fluxcapacitor whether he’d be happy to repair your broken keyboard (if it’s an issue with the connection to the pogo pins).


Oh, didn’t know of any of those options. Thank you for the ideas, will look into them!


At least you seem to have heard from them.
I have the same or similar issue. My keyboard stopped working beginning of November from one day to the other. Initially I thought something else is broken but I noticed that I can use with via BT, but wondered how long that will work if the connectors are broken. The pins look good on both sides and I cleaned them (just in case) but it didn’t help.
Now the keyboard battery died as well and I cannot use it anymore as it apparently will not charge. I assume it is associated with the cables or flexboard that is in the flexible part, at least that is the weakest link.
I am happy to buy a new one as the tablet itself is still all working perfectly, but the shop is not open or does not list any utensils besides the mouse pads.
I would like to avoid buying any other keyboard as it is so nice to simply flip it up and have it on it wherever I go and not carry another separate device with me besides my mouse (I hate trackpads).

So can please maybe @Konstantinos or someone like @Smirdex can comment on possibilities to buy as well get the the keyboards shipped.
Where is the store to buy keyboards and are they on stock to get shipped or does it take months. Openess and honesty appreciated as I need to work on it and it makes an impact if I buy it somewhere else (some 3rd party keyboard) or wait for it to be shipped in a few days.