Keyboard questions (not complaints)

How does the keyboard charge itself? WIth HOW I mean, in which way. When I look under settings-devices, the charge of the keybaord seems to be random…

  • For instance, often it does not get charged when I’m charging the V (keyboard plugged in, of course);
  • or it would (when it is very low : <30%) but up to eighty-something, not higher (after V being plugged in during the whole night),
  • or, like now: after a night of charging the V the keyboard was at ~ 28%, I unplugged it b/c I wanted to use the V, but then decided to do something else so after I turned the V on, I just closed it (“close lid”=do nothing"), did not plug it in again (as the V was at 100% charged) and did what I had to do; returned to the V and keybaord is now at 46%???

Can somebody knowledgeable explain to me the software behind charging the keyboard?
And just curious, does the Surface do the same with its keyboard? (I have a SP4, but without Microsoft keyboard).

I am not complaining, just curious how all that works.

PS would it be in the range of a possibility, to create a charger with one end the V-pogo pins and the other end a USB charger? Just sayin’… :upside_down_face:


Not exactly sure how it charges, though in interested as well.
the surface keyboard doesn’t charge because it has no battery :slight_smile:

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me dummy :smirk: duh :smiley:

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