Keyboard of EveV 1st generation replacement

Dear all, my keyboard iof my EveV s not working correctly and I would like to buy a new one.
Can I buy a Surface keyboard (or any other compatible one?)
Or shall I buy a EveV specific keyboard,? Are there still some available?




It is nice to see you back, @yve!

There have been many discussions about excellent 1st Gen V keyboard alternatives; you may find some of them following the links below.

Hope you find the right keyboard for your V! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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In summary

  • The Surface Pro keyboard is not compatible. The keyboard pogo-pins are unqiue to the V and are not compatible with any other computer that I know of.
  • Eve no longer sell the keyboard. You might find one second-hand, but given the reliability issues with them, that’s a risk.
  • Your best bet is to buy a standard bluetooth or USB keyboard.

Any recs for where to get (buy or borrow) a second hand keyboard? I had been using Brydge successfully but now up against a shell error so the KB is rendered useless bc I can’t connect to BT. Might as well throw my V into the trash without the OEM KB.

If you don’t want to use a USB keyboard, you could try getting your original V keyboard repaired if it’s a connection problem. I understand that @fluxcapacitor has been doing an amazing job fixing V keyboards. You can find out more on this thread:


I have a new one - portugise setup - for sale. got it with a delay of 1+ year when my eve died unexpectedly and did not ever used it. anybody interested can message me.