Keyboard not working in non-BT mode

first gen eve v from kickstarter, havent used the eve v heavily at all since then. Finally got back to using it in hopes for streaming.
Haven’t even used BT mode until recently when the keyboard stop working in non-BT mode. The pins and connection port seem fine. I can’t tell what is wrong with it. BT mode works fine but losing the hard connection sucks especially since I use multiple OS and grub, can’t switch OS without a usb keyboard.

I tried updating the firmware but it requires the keyboard to be connected by pogo pins (which is the issue I’m having).

I tried asking for help with eve v support and they concluded that my warranty is expired and they offered 114 $/€ + shipping (30 $/€ ) for a replacement keyboard. Which is a bit ridiculous since the product is a few years old and the keyboard doesn’t even hold the eve v up like a stand. If the price was lower and came with a warranty then maybe I ll consider it because I barely used mine and it broke.

So I came here to ask if anyone encountered a similar issue and found any solutions? I am considering getting an alternative keyboard, but I need it to be connected by pogo pins which doesn’t seem to exist because EVE V pogo connection is unique/proprietary?