Keyboard dimension question (nordic or german layout)

Hello! Physical working environment is very important to me. I prefer a fullwidth keyboard, so I can switch between my good old Cherry keyboard in the office and my notebook’s keyboard without any problems. Many notebooks have nowadays too narrow keyboards, like netbooks had in those days. Even ultrabooks (like the Lenovo x260) don’t have a fullwidth keyboard any longer. The Surface Pro has a fullwidth keyboard which is acceptable. Can someone who actually owns an Eve V with a Nordic or German Keyboard tell me the exact distance between the left edge of the A-key and the left edge of the ö-key in mm as accurate as possible. I would highly appreciate your answer! A non-ergonomic keyboard would really be show stopper.

The V keyboard is nearly the same as SP, so it should be fine for you.

I don’t have a ruler on me, so I can’t measure the exact distance right now, but I have a photo of the keyboard on my V prototype beside a nordic SP 4 keyboard.

I don’t have an ISO V keyboard, but as far as I know, the distance between the a and the ø should be the same regardless. I will post the exact measurements as soon as I find a ruler.


Did you find a ruler? I would like to order tomorrow.

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Surely by now he’s had a chance to find one! :laughing:

Sorry for the really late reply. This completely slipped my mind apparently.

The distance from the left edge of the A to the left edge of the Ø is 17.2cm. From left edge of A to right edge of Ø is 18.7cm. From the right edge of the A to the left edge of the Ø it’s 15.6cm.
(This is still on an ansi V keyboard, and a prototype at that, but the ISO one shouldn’t be any different as far as I know.)

This is really perfect! Thank you very much! (I dared to buy before your answer… :slight_smile:

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