Keyboard Colours

Hey there guys, Dan here.
Haven’t seen a post regarding this before , so I thought I’d bring it up.

As much as I love the V’s keyboard appearance and abilities. I have to admit the one feature that puts me off is the colour option.
Would there be a possibility for the team to introduce new keyboard colour options in the near future? (such as the surface lineup colour)

Thanks !


Would like to see this as well, especially having some lighter colours would be nice! A downside I’ve heard from watching reviews is that the black alcantara shows dust quite quickly.

Agreed, would be perfect if for those who bought today we can choose colors as well…

I’d love some more color options, in every product!
I usually use as a starting point to look for certain colors. It has some nice colors and combinations for web. Maybe you guys can use it as well.

I know that offering other color keyboards was mentioned at some point in the development process, but it was pushed back as something to be done in the future, as it was cost prohibitive for the first set of devices. I think that one idea was to offer it if there was enough demand, as an accessory to purchase after the initial sales. I’m not sure what happened to this idea as of late, though.
There were many others interested in different color keyboards as well.

@Team - any idea if we’ll develop other keyboard color options in the future?


We’ll refine our fulfillment process but I personally would find an extra keyboard color a cool option to add - an extra V color might be hard, but the keyboard color should be doable! :slight_smile:


Oh yeah, a V unit that is still black and the keyboard is black on the outside, but inside SURPRISE it’s cyan! Or maybe Eve “Spraypaint Red” - very on brand!


you can try to DIY the red spraypaint. Wouldn’t be that complicated…

Yes! That would be cool, although I’d prefer the reverse, with color on the outside and black on the inside. Keeps the alcantara looking cleaner that way! Also, every Mobile device I’ve owned has had a red theme going up until the V, so would be nice to have that color option at some point. (My Lumia 920, Lumia 950XL, Lumia 2520, and iPad mini have all had some form of red).

But that would ruin the finish! Especially wouldn’t do it on a device of this caliber!

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Would not recommend. For the V itself, you’ll have to disassemble it to do a proper job. For the keyboard, you probably lose the backlit, and I have no idea how alcantara reacts to spraypaint.