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For my SP4, I did not buy the Microsoft Keyboard but this one: and I have been told that I can charge it with any small, old fashioned cellphone charger…
Is this hte case for the V-keyboard too or which plug does it have? Thanks…
(When charging via the V, how long does it take to be charged?)

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V KEyboard can only be charged through the pogo pins in the V itself. There is no charging port


As far as I know, the V keyboard only charges via way of the tablet connector. So you would charge the V to charge the tablet.

Original battery life was estimated at about 3 hours for the keyboard when it’s disconnected from the tablet. (I’ll see if I can find a reference to link to.)

The V keyboard is much like the Surface keyboard, and doesn’t need bluetooth to connect - it uses pogo pins just like the Surface when attached to the V.

You can use bluetooth when its not attached, which is something the surface keyboard cannot do (the only function of the keyboard you linked).

The V keyboard must charge through its connection to the V.

As far as how long it takes to charge, perhaps you can search the community for prototype testing and find an answer.

Your memory is partially correct - it was 3 hours with backlight on :slight_smile: We suspect ~10 hours of usage with just BT enabled - however I’ve not tested it as well as no one else has - at least to my knowledge.

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Might be something to look into, as it could be listed as a “perk” on the website. “10 hours battery life” or whatever.

Thank you for the clarification - those times are familiar now.

I also realized after that @adt 's question was how long it takes to charge - not how long to drain battery.
Do we happen to know how long it takes to charge @iKirin ?

Is there any way that we can see the battery percentage of the keyboard? Will it be reported to Windows through Bluetooth?


I don’t see it anywhere… So I imagine the only place is the indicator light on the keyboard, which is red if < 40%. Would be good to be able to see battery status / charging status for the keyboard.

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It takes about 3 hours (max) to charge the keyboard by the V…

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Does the V need to be on in order for the keyboard to charge? As I left my V in shutdown mode and charging, but the keyboard still has the red light on. I am now hopefully charging the keyboard whilst using the V

by the way this is the first time charging the keyboard since I received my V on 2nd March.

No… the bios thinks the keyboard port is a usb port. The device will shut off power to the usb ports even thought the motherboard is still live.

Is there a software option to turn off the keyboard charging if it is attached to the tablet? Or prevent it from draining the tablet’s battery when it is unplugged?

No, there is not that kind of option.

So having left the v open and on, but I guess it went to standby after I left it alone for long enough, the keyboard red light was still on. so began using the V and still the red light is on…

I decided to disconnect the keyboard then reconnect it, and now the red light has gone off. Surely it should have gone off prior to disconnecting the keyboard.?