Keep getting spammed by "finalise payment" email

Does anyone else keep getting sent “we’re ready to accept your payment balance” emails, almost weekly?

I’ve already got my Spectrum. I got it months ago. I’ve asked support to stop emailing me and yet still get them. Please stop.


Yes same here. I think i already got 4 emails after i received my spectrum :man_shrugging:t2:


usually in emails, if you scroll down to the bottom there should be a unsubscribe button.

It is not an newsletter… there is no unsubscribe button just following text:

„ Eve Devices: Finalize your Spectrum order

Hi, Martin

It’s Dima from Eve Devices coming at you with some excellent news: your Spectrum is getting ready to ship!

Confirm your Spectrum

You have placed a pre-order for our 4K model and have the chance to be among the first in the world to put Spectrum on their desks. This is your personal invitation to complete the outstanding balance payment and confirm your order to secure your production spot.

Please don’t share your link with anyone else as it’s tied to your personal order, and it can only be fulfilled once (afterwards your link will expire).

Finalize payment

Have a question regarding balance payments? Our customer support team is happy to help!

Head of Customer Support
Eve Devices“

Same here.

The link leads you to a blank Eve page. I’m quite sure that this is because something was changed within my first order. However it wasn’t really changed, but another order was created and they sent me an gift card with my early backer deposit. The old one was canceled but still remains in the list of my orders. I guess that’s why.


Hey @roderick_jon, @martinmacfly, @Joshua_Neff,

Really sorry about this. For some reason cancelled/ammended orders have still been receiving this notification. I’ll get this looked into as soon as possible for you!


Add me to this list. I’ve received 4 emails so far:

  • December 9
  • January 20
  • February 2
  • February 9

I even contacted the support team after the 3rd email and the response was:

You have received the payment link by an accident, just ignore it.

My order was amended twice (express shipping upgrade, removal of cables) so it looks like I fall into this category.

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