Kaum's V user experience

Hi ladies and gents,
I want to share my V user experience with you after six days of (light) use.

Last week was very busy at work, so my unboxing was done in a hurry and I am very satisfied with this experience because everything was in the package. As the temperatures were very low I let the device getting used to the office temperatures before I started the V the first time.

I remembered the advice from @razaknk to start Windows without internet connection first to get it settled (see Before you unbox!). I did that. I am not sure if it was a good advice or not. At least everything went smooth. As I was busy with other things I was not paying too much attention to the V while working itself out. After a while I enabled Wifi and let the updates coming. I got one failed update but after a shut down and new start this update went through as well.

In the afternoon I had the first meeting where I took the V with me. Everything worked as I expect from a mobile device. Side note: I was able to get a Wifi connection in the meeting room but a colleague with a different device not :wink:

In the evening I took it at home and I had the first problems: First, although everything was set to German, the settings were still in English. After a while I found out that the language packs were not downloaded (because Wifi was not set up in the first place? see above). Now it seems to be fine, language wise. Second, the V became very hot, I looked into task manager and system was running wild and the rotation lock signs was blinking. I had to shut down the V and restart but it does not really helped. Getting the keyboard in Bluetooth mode was one solution. Getting the keyboard to the V without blinking rotation lock was/is difficult. But finally it worked but moving the V with keyboard attached was/is still a problem.

The next day and the next meeting: My V is not yet fully set up - no probs but the auto-rotate problem remained even after detaching the keyboard. The V was not usable in this meeting which was/is not a big problem but sad.

At the moment I am not using the V as my main device. The keyboard to V issue bothers me a lot and I am not yet sure how to deal with it. I hope for some updates promised by @Konstantinos but it might be hardware problems as not so many user complain about this.

I applied a dbrand skin (red dragon) and it is really cool. I also tried the screen protector from Brotect but I was in a hurry and scratched it while applying and looking at it, it seems to be a mirror. I removed it. I am still not 100% convinced that I need a screen protector.

In short: I am happy with the device itself. The Bluetooth keyboard really helps to work in the train. I am really surprised about the keyboard issue and hope it goes away by usage (as others reported) or by firmware update. Otherwise I have to report to support.


Now I like to add something about hot debated issues:

  • Keyboard alcantara: It is a really great feeling when I take it with me. I don’t want to miss this feature.
  • Keyboard backlight: I am not impressed. After seeing @hiddenflaw’s picture (see Yet another V review) I wonder whether my keyboard is faulty. I retest it at night.
  • Upper USB-C port: No complains about being loose. Does not bother me much.
    BTW: I like them to be on the left side.
  • Screen and its calibration: Being honest, I have no eye for this because I have no other 2in1 to compare yet. It is significantly better than my desktop monitor HP ZR2440w. But it might be me that I am not able to appreciate the greatness of the screen.
  • Battery: I cannot tell anything about this because I hadn’t had a situation yet where I needed a full day of charge.

PS: Trackpad: I am used to the early 2000s trackpads - so this is a really good one and I have to get used to the multi-touch capabilities.


I connected the V to wifi as I first switched it on, no problems thus far.

I also would prefer to have it at the bottom left, instead of top left :wink:

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I didn’t like the trackpad, it was jumpy while the keyboard was getting charged and it remained jumpy after charging but a bit better.

Update I: I got my second BYOD - while log-in I pressed the power button too hard - I got a DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE
Before I had to re-login I got again a auto-rotate problem after relocating the V - I guess I need a support ticket.

Updae II: watched Champions League last night on the V and I have to say: Gorgeous - not the game, but the screen - really good

@TheDestiny: Trackpad, as said I am used to worse ones. I’ll see how my verdict ends in a few weeks.

Yes. This is one thing about the 2in1 form factor that I don’t like.

Small update:
Auto-rotating flickering has not happened in the last days. Looks like it was more a user misbehaviour than a V problem.

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